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2017 Frontstretch Cup: I Love New York 355 at the Glen Predictions

Welcome to our 10th year of staff predictions! Each week, our experts attempt to tell you who the winner of each Cup race will be. Take a look to see who your favorite writers think will win it all (or at least score some points) this week!
Think you can out-prognosticate our staff?  Leave your picks in the comments and see how they stack up!

How we roll:
Each writer picks the drivers they they think will win the first two stages and the overall race.  We can’t pick the same driver two weeks in a row or more than four times in a season. The first two stages pay one bonus point, with three bonus points if someone can get all three winners correct.  Overall race points remain the same:

Prediction Scoring
+5 – Win
+3 – 2nd-5th
+1 – 6th-10th
0 – 11th-20th
-1 – 21st-30th
-2 – 31st-36th
-3 – 37th-40th

This week’s predictions: I Love New York 355 at the Glen

WriterStage 1Stage 2Race Winner
Amy HendersonKyle BuschBrad KeselowskiMichael McDowell
Corey BrewerKyle BuschKyle BuschAJ Allmendinger
Mark HowellBrad KeselowskiJoey LoganoJoey Logano
Dustin AlbinoBrad KeselowskiKyle BuschDenny Hamlin
Clayton CaldwellKyle BuschKevin HarvickAJ Allmendinger
Davey SegalMartin Truex Jr.Kyle BuschMartin Truex Jr.
Bryan GableKyle BuschKyle BuschBrad Keselowski
Jeff WolfeKyle LarsonAJ AllmendingerClint Bowyer
Huston LadnerAJ AllmendingerKurt BuschJoey Logano
Michael MassieKyle BuschBrad KeselowskiJoey Logano
Vito PuglieseBrad KeselowskiAJ AllmendingerJamie McMurray
Samarth KanalBrad KeselowskiJoey LoganoJoey Logano
Frank VelatBrad KeselowskiAJ AllmendingerJoey Logano 

Results: Overton’s 400 

WriterStage 1Stage 2Race WinnerWinner Pick FinishTotal Points
Amy HendersonMartin Truex Jr.Matt KensethDenny Hamlin4th3
Corey BrewerKyle BuschKyle BuschRyan Blaney30th0
Mark HowellMartin Truex Jr.Kyle LarsonChase Elliott10th1
Dustin AlbinoKyle BuschMartin Truex Jr.Chase Elliott10th2
Clayton CaldwellMartin Truex Jr.Chase ElliottMatt Kenseth9th1
Davey SegalKyle BuschKyle LarsonDenny Hamlin4th4
Bryan GableKyle BuschMartin Truex Jr.Kurt Busch13th1
Joseph WolkinMartin Truex Jr.Kyle BuschClint Bowyer6th1
Jeff WolfeKyle BuschKevin HarvickKevin Harvick2nd4
Huston LadnerMartin Truex Jr.Kyle BuschBrad Keselowski6th1
Michael MassieKyle BuschMartin Truex Jr.Ryan Blaney30th0
Vito PuglieseMartin Truex Jr.Kyle BuschKyle Busch1st5
Samarth KanalKyle LarsonKevin HarvickBrad Keselowski6th1
Frank VelatChase ElliottBrad KeselowskiKevin Harvick2nd3


 WriterPointsBehindStartsWinsTop 5Top 10
Corey Brewer36211811
Mark Howell34-22101014
Huston Ladner34-2212810
Amy Henderson32-4211913
Dustin Albino27-9211812
Michael Massie26-1019358
Frank Velat26-1015278
Davey Segal26-10212810
Dan Greene25-11181710
Clayton Caldwell25-11211610
Joseph Wolkin23-13180610
Jeff Wolfe20-1619268
Bryan Gable20-16181411
Vito Pugliese19-1715238
John Douglas17-197055
Matteo Marcheschi12-244222
Greg Davis6-3011036
John Haverlin5-312111
Michael Finley3-333011
Samarth Kanal1-351001
Phil Allaway0-361000
Zach Catanzareti-1-372000
Tom Bowles-2-382000
Danny Peters-3-391000



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  1. Avatar

    Amy Henderson stepped away from her bobble-head of Ryan Blaney look enough to bow down at the feet of Michael McDowell. (We don’t think he has a bobble-head.) In honor of Amy and Michael’s first weekend together, we are cheering for Michael to be “first car wrecked” at the Glen this afternoon. He deserves to be splat like a fly on a big swatter. Few of the never-has-beens, never-will-be’s are as obnoxious in getting in real drivers’ ways as McDowell, so let’s wish him a big juicy splat on the face! And Amy too!

  2. Avatar

    Every week when I read these, I realize how little it takes to be an “expert” these days. Even amateurs know you should never bet on the home team (or your personal favorite). But FS writers are an especially stupid brew of stew.

  3. Avatar

    Amy just farted. That was a bad one, Missy. McDowell is driving in the wrong series.