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2017 Frontstretch Cup: Tales of the Turtles 400 Predictions

Welcome to our 10th year of staff predictions! Each week, our experts attempt to tell you who the winner of each Cup race will be. Take a look to see who your favorite writers think will win it all (or at least score some points) this week!
Think you can out-prognosticate our staff?  Leave your picks in the comments and see how they stack up!
How we roll:
Each writer picks the drivers they they think will win the first two stages and the overall race.  We can’t pick the same driver two weeks in a row or more than four times in a season. The first two stages pay one bonus point, with three bonus points if someone can get all three winners correct.  Overall race points remain the same:
Prediction Scoring
+5 – Win
+3 – 2nd-5th
+1 – 6th-10th
0 – 11th-20th
-1 – 21st-30th
-2 – 31st-36th
-3 – 37th-40th

This week’s predictions: Tales of the Turtles 400


WriterStage 1Stage 2Race Winner
Amy HendersonMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Chase Elliott
Corey BrewerKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Mark HowellJamie McMurrayKyle LarsonJimmie Johnson
Dustin AlbinoKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle Busch
Clayton CaldwellMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Davey SegalKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Bryan GableKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Jeff WolfeKyle LarsonKevin HarvickBrad Keselowski
Michael MassieKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Samarth KanalKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.
Dan GreeneMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle LarsonJimmie Johnson
Christian KoelleKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Kevin Harvick
Huston LadnerMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle BuschDenny Hamlin
John HaverlinKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Denny Hamlin
Frank VelatMartin Truex, Jr.Erik JonesKyle Busch
Vito PuglieseKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle Busch


Results: Federated Auto Parts 400


WriterStage 1Stage 2Race WinnerWinner Pick FinishTotal Points
Amy HendersonMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Kyle Busch9th2
Corey BrewerMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Matt Kenseth38th-2
Mark HowellKyle BuschMartin Truex, Jr.2
Dustin AlbinoMatt KensethBrad KeselowskiJoey Logano2nd3
Clayton CaldwellMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Denny Hamlin5th4
Davey SegalMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle BuschKyle Busch9th1
Bryan GableMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle BuschKyle Busch9th1
Jeff WolfeMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle BuschErik Jones6th1
Michael MassieMatt KensethBrad KeselowskiJoey Logano2nd3
Samarth KanalMartin Truex, Jr.Martin Truex, Jr.Kyle Busch9th2
Dan GreeneMatt KensethClint BowyerJoey Logano2nd3
Christian KoelleMartin Truex, Jr.Brad KeselowskiClint Bowyer24th-1
Huston LadnerKyle BuschKevin HarvickMartin Truex, Jr.20th1
John HaverlinMatt KensethMartin Truex, Jr.Denny Hamlin5th4
Joseph WolkinMartin Truex, Jr.Kyle BuschJoey Logano2nd3



 WriterPointsBehindStartsWinsTop 5Top 10
Corey Brewer45262915
Amy Henderson44-12621117
Davey Segal42-32641015
Dustin Albino40-52621115
Mark Howell37-82601115
Huston Ladner36-9252810
Clayton Caldwell36-9261813
Michael Massie35-10243711
Bryan Gable34-11233614
Joseph Wolkin33-12211913
Dan Greene32-13211912
Jeff Wolfe27-18242711
Frank Velat25-2018279
Vito Pugliese24-2117349
John Douglas17-287055
Matteo Marcheschi12-334222
Greg Davis10-3512047
John Haverlin10-354123
Michael Finley3-423011
Christian Koelle2-432011
Samarth Kanal2-436002
Phil Allaway0-451000
Zach Catanzareti-1-462000
Tom Bowles-2-472000
Danny Peters-3-481000