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‘The Package Sucks’: Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick Express Displeasure with NASCAR Rules After Dover

Despite top-10 finishes, two former Cup champions weren’t too pleased following the Gander RV 400 at Dover International Speedway. Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick didn’t mince words when asked about the 2019 aerodynamic NASCAR rules package following Monday afternoon’s 400-lapper from Delaware.

“The package sucks,” Busch said following his record-tying 11th consecutive top-10 finish. “No (expletive) question about it. It’s terrible. All I can do is bitch about it and fall on deaf ears and we’ll come back with the same thing in the fall.”

The No. 18 hit the wall in stage two and was prepared to have his day go downhill in a hurry. Post-race, when asked how the damage affected the car’s handling, he gave it an eight out of 10.

Harvick’s fourth-place run, meanwhile, tied his best finish of the season. Running as high as second throughout the course of the afternoon, the No. 4 was back where most are accustomed to seeing it.

But the 2014 champion shared Busch’s sentiments regarding the NASCAR rules package, albeit in a bit of a nicer, non-profane way.

“Here’s the hard thing about the package,” Harvick said. “I think that NASCAR’s tried to accomplish a lot of things with one particular package, but you look at how the cars drive behind each other and from a driver’s standpoint, it’s hard to race them. Anywhere.”

Busch and Harvick will hope to slice and dice their way through the field next weekend at Kansas Speedway. The driver of the No. 18 has one career win (2016) at Kansas, with Harvick claiming three checkered flags at the 1.5-mile track, the last of which came last season.

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Uh oh, sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.


They are absolutely right, and anyone who is paying attention knew that it was a bad idea when it was announced.

To those who keep saying “oh, it’s not that bad” and “it looks a lot like last year” I implore you to take a longer view here. The drivers are complaining that it is too easy to drive, the cars are too stuck, and they can’t pass… and it is all TRUE!

Perhaps, visually, it looks similar. Well, cars going around in circles is going to have a certain look to it regardless of what aero package is being run. It is in the NUANCE that we are losing out. These cars aren’t sliding around, the drivers are not on the edge of control. Passing is being dictated by the leader running into the dirty air off of lapped cars, otherwise they check out.

If you want to tell me that the problems of 2018 needed to be fixed, I am on board – but don’t believe “we tried low downforce and it didn’t work” because we’ve never really gotten truly away from Aero being the dominant force in making these cars fast.

I hope NASCAR addresses it, because this stuff is not worth watching as it stands.

Bill B

I don’t think too many people are sold on this new package being better. The truth is it sucks but so has the package for the last few years and that is why it is hard to tell the difference. That is why it looks similar…. they both suck equally.


Raise the cars up, I actually just dont care about this generation car anymore, they try every year to change something to make the racing better…..what I care about is them getting the next generation car right (generation 7). I think dumping the splitter, lifting the car up would do wonders. Even open the clearance within the wheel wells to promote some bumping! I watched Amerola cut Kyle B off in a corner yesterday so bad that Kyle had to check up to the point it stacked the next 6 to 7 cars in line up. If contact didnt disrupt the car so much, he would of moved him but you cant with these cars! Too much risk, contact will disrupt your handling or cut a tire down. Frustrating from a fan like myself, I want to see these guys move each other out of the way for position, bang doors, be upset after the race. The Logano Bush feud is just one of the many this sport needs and even that has gotten soft.


Anyone watch Indycar in 2018/19? Their new car took aero and handling BACKWARDS a few years. For one, the cars LOOK much better, and drivers gave the package rave reviews because the cars actually skate around a little bit and make them work for grip/speed. I don’t recall which driver said it, but he likened it to how the cars handled over a decade ago – and it has made for some great open wheel racing.

Point being, sometimes you have to take a step BACK to go FORWARD.


They have got to get rid of this car. What have the drivers said EACH time a “New” version has come out? “It sucks!” and that’s being polite. Based on past history, what are the chances the boys in the ivory tower will get it right this time?


No it makes drivers use all different abilities got switch it up keep drivers on there toes Harvick and Bush suck cuz they cant evolve with the change. The great drivers can drive anything so shut up an race

Dottie Fisher

NASCAR needs to stop all these ridiculous rules, race car drivers are not supposed to be whimps they have personalities let them show them, don’t make puppets out of them. NASCAR needs to hire Tony Stuart,Rusty Wallace and some other older drivers to tell NASCAR how to bring the fans back. Young drivers aren’t going to bring young fans it has to be good exciting racing. I have been going to NASCAR races for 40 years but now l find it a waste of money,l watch the races on TV where l can cut it off when l get too upset with the petty rules.Nascar clean up your act!!!

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