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Natalie Decker to Drive Part-Time Schedule for Niece Motorsports

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Natalie Decker will run a part-time schedule in Niece Motorsports’ No. 44 truck, the team announced Thursday morning (Jan. 16).

Decker’s first event with the team will come at the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series season opener at Daytona International Speedway.

The Wisconsin native made 19 starts in 2019 for DGR-Crosley and finished 22nd on average.

“Change is inevitable, change is expected and exciting, and change is also frightening,” said Decker in a press release. “But this year is a year I’m ready for. I have never felt so prepared with my health, in the gym and mentally. There are so many things to be excited about working with Niece Motorsports, starting with my teammates Ross [Chastain] and Ty [Majeski]. I’m ready to learn from them and be 100% open-minded going into the season.”

Decker adds to Niece Motorsports’ driver lineup of Majeski (full-time), Chastain and Carson Hocevar (both part-time).

“We are excited to have Natalie join the team,” said team owner Al Niece. “Natalie has shown a lot of talent, and we are excited to see her continue to develop that at Niece Motorsports. We are certain we will put her in competitive equipment that will really give her a chance to shine.”

After Daytona, the remaining events are yet to be announced.

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8 thoughts on “Natalie Decker to Drive Part-Time Schedule for Niece Motorsports”

      • Many drivers wreck in their first year of racing, hell look at Jimmie Johnson tho i dislike him as a driver, but he wrecked many times in Nascar. Actually MANYTIMES its called learning. There is a diference, between lets say Danica and Natalie Danica wasnt really love or the passion. Natalie is new she is used to cars, got to think tho simular, trucks and Cars are different handling shee is getting hang of it and she has gotten better during the end of the year. She is gradually learning but she wasnt in it the whole season either. Give her a couple years to get in her stride and see how she does. People are so harsh, she has the passsion she has the talent, trucks are difficult to get a grasp. She isnt terrible so let her keep trying see where it takes her. Plus her attitude is better than most cup, and that is great. YOu just have some biase hate on women drivers or just not giving her a fair chance yes sshe wrecked but many have even STUPID JIMMIE JOHNSON wrecked aloooot in his series before cup or during cup too! They need at least a couple years under their belt to see where they stand. Your not giving her her due and some werent her fault. GOd Dang give her a chance she g otten better not perfect but she trying at least. Try is better than just knowiing your bad, the more you try the better yo uget the hang of it. Some it takes a while. Geezh.

        • Great response Michael! Let’s give her a chance! I would like to see more truly competitive women in NASCAR. It takes time to learn and build skills.

          • Oh no. You done pissed off a SJW PC thug. Don’t you know, you can’t say anything negative about anyone unless they are a white male. Where have you been the last 20 years? Just stick to bashing Trump and you will be just fine.

  1. “We are certain we will put her in competitive equipment that will really give her a chance to shine.”
    But they didn’t they POSITIVELY !

  2. Natalie Crasher couldn’t get results at DGR-Crosley and it cost her job so Al Niece may not
    have a lot of patience for equipment being tore up either which could mean she will be out a
    job before or after the end of the season.

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