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NASCAR Returning at Darlington, Announces May Schedule

NASCAR is set to resume its 2020 season on Sunday, May 17 at Darlington Raceway, the sanctioning body announced on Thursday (April 30).

“NASCAR and its teams are eager and excited to return to racing, and have great respect for the responsibility that comes with a return to competition,” Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer, said via press release. “NASCAR will return in an environment that will ensure the safety of our competitors, officials and all those in the local community.”

The first race back will be a 400-mile event, beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET. The NASCAR Xfinity Series will take to the Track Too Tough to Tame for a 200-mile event on Tuesday, May 19 at 8 p.m.  Cup will return to Darlington on Wednesday, May 20 for a 500-kilometer race, starting at 7:30 p.m.

NASCAR will run a quartet of races at Charlotte Motor Speedway between the top three national touring divisions, starting with Cup on Sunday, May 24, the annual Coca-Cola 600. Xfinity will take to the track on Monday, May 25, with the Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series taking to the track Tuesday (May 26) and Cup returning for a 500-kilometer race on Wednesday (May 27).

DATE               TRACK             SERIES                        DISTANCE        NET      START (ET)

Sun, May 17      Darlington          Cup                              400 mi              FOX     3:30 PM

Tue, May 19      Darlington          Xfinity                           200 mi              FS1      8:00 PM

Wed, May 20     Darlington          Cup                              500 km             FS1      7:30 PM

Sun, May 24      Charlotte           Cup                              600 mi              FOX     6:00 PM

Mon, May 25     Charlotte           Xfinity                           300 mi              FS1      7:30 PM

Tue, May 26      Charlotte           Gander Trucks              200 mi              FS1      8:00 PM

Wed, May 27     Charlotte           Cup                              500 km             FS1      8:00 PM

All events will be one-day shows with no practice sessions for all events. There will be no qualifying with the exception of the Coca-Cola 600.

After collaborating with public health officials, medical experts and state and federal officials, NASCAR has implemented a comprehensive health and safety plan. NASCAR will have health screenings for anyone entering the racetracks, as well as having them inside and exiting the venue. Social distancing protocols are in affect.

Per sources, team owners from the Xfinity Series had a meeting with NASCAR officials Thursday morning, where NASCAR shared the schedule and went over protocol with the teams for the first time.  The starting lineup for Darlington will be based off a random draw for teams that sit first through 15th in the owner standings and 16-36. Following the Xfinity race at Darlington, the top-15 finishers are set to be inverted, for the Charlotte event, six days later.

The schedule remains fluid, but dates at Martinsville, Bristol, Atlanta and Homestead are expected. All events will be closed to spectators and open to a bare minimum of crewmen, drivers and NASCAR officials.

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Dustin joined the Frontstretch team at the beginning of the 2016 season. 2020 marks his sixth full-time season covering the sport that he grew up loving. His dream was to one day be a NASCAR journalist, thus why he attended Ithaca College (Class of 2018) to earn a journalism degree. Since the ripe age of four, he knew he wanted to be a storyteller.

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Bruce Smith

I think this is a mistake and it’s too soon to be racing again

Mike Latino

Yeah I agree with Bruce. It’s too soon to put thousands of people together in a grandstands. I know there is a need for $$$$$. But how many people will die because they are Nascar fans. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Nascar.


You’re surprised that NA$CAR makes a decision based on $$$$$$$$?


Did you hear a word they said? Course they need money all the teams need money all the employees need money. They will distant themselves check temperatures their doing a good thing its not hard to battle this enemy i know most people are Dem lovers and love living off government and believe or support any thing even if they hurt lie about other people they will always love Dems.

But they will distant themselves, check temperatures allow only a select in and shorten laps and that and make sure their checked and cleaned. its NOT HARD that way fans can watch agreat race get back to semi normal have some thingto watch and be involved to take their mind off stuff. ANd the employees and teams can get paid and it work good. But no you want people to get jobless teams are near broke most of them they need help! Dems arent helping the case they just want e veryone to live of the government make and produce trillions of dollars each month it wont work. You can be safe and that its not hard you make sure people wash hands or tempertures are good, spread them out it snot hard to do. it really isnt as you want everyone to live off goverment and be scared die. Most sare like we will do anything just please let us has some form of normality back. YOu may not want it but most do.

Its not hard, they will check tempertures in and out of the track limit the over the walls and they will wear masks and stuff i mean come on. Cant be in fear all the time as long as do this it will work when near summer it will hopefully slow it down alot. Things come back later but i mean come on. Cant hide it will find you home or not. But i know you wont read what their doing you just hate their trying something for the scared jobless worried people. This is a good th ing if like it or not. As long as you do or think of this simple idea it works

Spread them out lesser laps make sure their temperatures are good and washed hands i mean its not difficult. Or just be in fear too long. as people wash their hands etc. its what their promoting. make sure their tempertures not high or wash their hands etc. That what their doing, so gosh i dont get you guys just live off the goverment until every single case is gone. Which who knows. As many would come to your house say WE ARE STARVING NEAR BROKE SCARED WE ARE NEAR FEAR OF KILLING OURSELVES AND you want us to contiinue it? Many are like that so they be at your door saying what would you do? We arent getting NOTHIng but more broke starving and your like uh i dont know what to do i am set your not. But it isnt like that for many. Do you even read what their doing? Their doing a good thing smartly too.


No fans at these races. Hard to believe that rather important detail was not mentioned in this story.

Bill B

I can’t believe anyone didn’t realize that there would be no fans in the stands. It’s pretty much been stated in every article except this one.
Does that fact make it more acceptable Mike?


You’re right man! Hundreds of millions have died worldw….oh wait…


Gosh what is wrong with alot of you people? Seriously if we dont get something started but still be safe all teams will go broke! There is a fine line of being safe and going broke people are struggling when will it be free to open anything up? a year? until every single case is gone? Live off teh government making more and more and more trillions of dollars? Things have to at least in small quanity begin again their doing it smartly. A certain limit of people shorter races no fans. I mean come on check their temperature in and out of the area. keep them distant, i mean come on its not hard This is smart. You cant just hide from enemy forever you can even be infected in your home it spreads mostly by touch once you touch something then someone randomly walks by something and touches it you got it. Cant be in fear alot. People are jobless afraid scared.. Being distant limit the laps make sure their temperature is taken, and etc etc. It can work just come on. What you want to be quaratined for a year due to the scare DEms are doing? YOu know their fear mongering you what if evidence has them saying so their litterally scaring you for the purprose to shove bad stuff into bills?

Come on be fair this is gonna work its ReALLY good idea. Or youd hear sorry all teams are broke no more nascar at all. All those jobs what happens when people are scared jobless? They kill themselves some light has to be there to open some freedom and hope. Cant hide forever as long as you distance and be smart and wash hands and check temperature it will work come on its not hard. Even if you hide it can still travel into your home and you touch it your infected. that why masks arent all that either. It travels and lands on stuff you touch it. You got it once on face. Your all not caring about other people or jobs or anything as long as smart and make it work like this it will work. Cant live in fear all the time.


Hey Mike
Commas and periods are your friend. Paragraphs are too. Or better yet. Keep it short so people will want to read the whole thing. Just some suggestions from a fellow Nascar fan.


The no practice deal should be interesting…..just line em up and race!

Bill B

I like the idea of that too. It might result in some surprises and not the same 10 guys up front all the time…. or not.


“Social distancing protocols are in affect.”

It seems to me that “editors” and writers should know the difference between Affect and Effect and where to use them. Look them up.


Yay! It’s about time! Racing is back!

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