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Stock Car Scoop: The Latest Updates On NASCAR & INDYCAR 2020 Schedule

INDYCAR has announced their 2020 return to competition after the COVID-19 pandemic. Where will the INDYCAR 2020 schedule start and when? Find out in the latest edition of Stock Car Scoop with Bryan Nolen.

Frontstretch’s new podcast focused on the motorsports news of the week also has a look at the three tracks that will lose a race in 2020. Kyle Larson also finds himself returning to racing this week. What series is willing to take him on after the former NASCAR Cup Series driver completed sensitivity training?

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About Bryan Nolen

Bryan Nolen currently goes to the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail. He would like to be involved in some aspect of Motor Sports after he completes school. He hosts a podcast that is on Apple Podcasts and Google Play called Sports Talk with Bryan and TB and lives in Boise, Idaho. Follow him on Twitter @TheBryanNolen

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