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NASCAR Canceling 2020 Nashville Awards Ceremony

NASCAR has announced that Nashville will not host the 2020 NASCAR Awards Ceremony in a statement released today (June 29).

Nashville, which is in Davidson County, has the second-highest coronavirus count in the state. With an uptrend of coronavirus cases in the state of Tennessee, NASCAR decided to move the ceremony away from Nashville.

It is to be determined where NASCAR will hold the 2020 ceremony.

Nashville is still expected to host the awards ceremony in 2021.

The NASCAR Cup Series continues its quest for the championship at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 5 at 4 p.m. ET on NBC.

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6 thoughts on “NASCAR Canceling 2020 Nashville Awards Ceremony”

  1. The Cancel Culture of BS is everywhere. When then, when? What a bunch of bullshit! Maybe 2030? Yeah, let us make it then, the goal posts will be moved of course as they have been! SCREW MOM and POP we will continue to keep open Target, Lowes, Home Depot, the ever important Walmart. Riots, protests allowed, no masks, shoulder to shoulder outrage! People peaceful protesting the RIGHT to work (imagine that) are considered the devils children, LSM calling them out saying they want to “kill” their fellow man! Selfish vile creatures wanting to go back to work! The narrative they run with to this day! Christian church services, HELL NO! The list goes on regarding the continued hypocrisy! NASCAR is fueling that fire as it has the past couple of weeks. So, you feel you are going to burn and die at the awards, stay the fluck home! Snowflakes are takin’ over!

    You people are being played, wake up!

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