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Alex Labbe Asked By NASCAR to Leave SCCA Test at Daytona Road Course

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Alex Labbe was taken out of a steel-bodied Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) practice session at Daytona International Speedway road course, according to Catchfence.

Labbe had run about seven laps during the period when NASCAR officials called him off the track. Since he didn’t have prior authorization or approval from NASCAR, he and his team had to discontinue their time at the track. A spokesperson for NASCAR confirmed to Motorsport that officials had to send officials to inquire about what Labbe was up to, then to vacate the circuit.

“We believe we followed every protocol,” Mario Gosselin, DGM Racing owner said to Catchfence. “This was not a test. We were participating in a qualifying session for an event later in the day. When NASCAR asked us to stop, we stopped immediately.”

NASCAR previously stated that drivers may only participate in one race from Aug. 14-16 at the Daytona road course.

It is not yet known whether Labbe or DGM will be penalized.

Labbe has three top 10s so far this year, his most recent coming at the Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit on July 4.

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38 thoughts on “Alex Labbe Asked By NASCAR to Leave SCCA Test at Daytona Road Course”

    • If you break the rules you pay the price. If the driver and team are true professionals they should have known better. As for the nay sayers about Nascar it’s obvious they know Nothing about. Nascar and should kerp their opinion to themself.

  1. clearly NASCAR is preventing anyone from exercising their freedoms. plus he’s got practice time on the layout so that’s definitely a plus.

    • Guess when comes to anything having to do with Nascar, have to check with Bubba Wallace first, he is the only one in Nascar that can do whatever he wants to. He tells Nascar what to do.

    • Screw black car’s matter, NASCAR’s official name. Can’t fly a flag they want to destroy our hirtage.

  2. It was a SCCA event NOT Nascar. He should not have been on track unless he has a SCCA license. Just got caught…..

    • Nascar operations should be closed permanently. They are no longer relevant in these times. People are no longer interested.

      • William:
        If (as you say) people are no longer interested why are there so many posts (such as YOURS and mine) across so many message boards chat rooms and fan pages???

        Because MILLIONS of people are interested…
        …that’s Why.

      • NASCAR is very relevant. If they weren’t the TV contracts would not be worth millions of dollars. Corporations wouldn’t be paying millions to sponsor a car or the series alone. Your just plain wrong William!

    • NASCAR has become a lacky for the big brand teams. Time to start a real race group that allows everyone a fair opportunity and not an opportunity that meets Hendrick, Childress, Penske and now Stewart Hass. This sport is quickly becoming a newscaster playground! Ratings and attendance continue to decline despite Covid 19.

  3. Just NASCAR playing God’s again. There gonna lose everything and go bust since they only cater to the new fanbase which is largely smaller than the original fanbase that has nascar where they are now just wait it’s coming

  4. Nascar watch out what you sayor do on there property there just looking for some one or team to go all out with penalty

  5. I am not a fan of the races being broken into segments but there enough cautions without having two that are not necessary. show a flag but let the race continue with out interruption

  6. A young man or a young lady grow up with desires to be a Race Car Driver and NASCAR stops you can only have a dream when we say so it’s all about us

  7. I don’t get why NASCAR is intervening in SCCA business.
    Seems to me they don’t have a dog in that fight.
    Do they own the track or something?
    I mean, really: what’s it to them, for Pete’s sake?

  8. “Run what ya brung racing”is gone forever because of politics. Also, Commercialization has overrun broadcasting airtime of NASCAR races to a secondary spectator sport.

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