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Mike Harmon Racing Reports Car, Trailer Stolen Overnight

Update (11 a.m., Aug. 16: According to Mike Harmon Racing on Facebook, surveillance cameras spotted its trailer traveling south on Interstate 95 toward Florida this morning, Aug. 16

Mike Harmon Racing, which fields the No. 47 and No. 74 Chevrolets in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, reported Sunday morning (Aug. 16) that its dually and 32-foot trailer, which includes race equipment and its No. 47 racecar, was stolen overnight

According to the team, the theft occurred between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. ET in Kingsland, Ga., located approximately 126 miles north of Daytona International Speedway on Interstate 95 in southeast Georgia.

The team stated in its social media messaging that it is working with the Kingsland Police Department regarding the reported theft. Police have not yet released a statement at press time.

The incident came after both MHR entries posted top-20 finishes in Saturday’s race at the Daytona International Speedway Road Course with Bayley Currey finishing 14th in the No. 74 car and Kyle Weatherman 17th in the No. 47 entry.

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12 thoughts on “Mike Harmon Racing Reports Car, Trailer Stolen Overnight”

  1. Ironically, Harmon was arrested in 2013 for stealing cars and a hauler from Jennifer Jo Cobb’s racing team.

  2. J D before you get on social media running your mouth about something you know nothing about bring the whole truth to the table , the things you say was stolen was Mike’s anyways , Who remained in business ? That’s what I thought . Where is Jennifer J Cobb in the racing business today, ?

    • Times are tough for everyone probably just a insurance scam everybody’s entitled to one right, when our politicians are the biggest Crooks in the world the little guy is just acting in frustration, giant insurance companies support the corrupt politicians. And before anyone runs their mouth I’m not on any political side but I have intelligence. This is just the beginning of trickle-down corruption Ronald Reagan was right after all trickle-down does work.

    • I hope that he finds his property a the sob that took and put the asshole in jail for a very very long time that is bullshit taking something from someone who has worked his life to something for the rest of the good working people in this great country of ours to have something to do for enjoyment on are days off racing is not cheap

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