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Stock Car Scoop: Kyle Busch’s Lapped Traffic Rant, ‘These Kids Can’t Stay Out Of The Way’

Stock Car Scoop: Kyle Busch's Lapped Traffic Rant, 'These Kids Can't Stay Out Of The Way'
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It was Kevin Harvick vs. Kyle Busch for the NASCAR Cup Series win at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night (Sept. 12). In a punch-for-punch battle, Harvick took advantage of lapped traffic late to earn his career-high ninth win of the season. What did the 2020 championship favorite have to say about his performance? Find out in the latest edition of Stock Car Scoop.

Frontstretch‘s newest podcast focused on the motorsports news of the week also hears from Busch on his displeasure with lapped cars as well as his thoughts about advancing beyond the Round of 12. Clint Bowyer also gives a short-term outlook on how the next round will play out for him at Stewart-Haas Racing.

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6 thoughts on “Stock Car Scoop: Kyle Busch’s Lapped Traffic Rant, ‘These Kids Can’t Stay Out Of The Way’”

  1. awww poor baby. It breaks my heart that drivers didn’t just pull over and get out of his way. Hey Kyle, they are doing their jobs to get the best finish for their team.

  2. That may be true of Smithley and Gase, but Logano clearly blocked Busch intentionally for no other reason than that he has a chip on his shoulder. Logano’s “Enemies List” is longer than Nixon’s and keeps growing every year. Hope he ends up the same way.

  3. Baby Busch, Whinin’ Martin and J-Jo expect the inferior cars to part like the Red Sea. Doesn’t everyone realize who they are?

  4. It was kind of obvious that Logano went out of his way to block Kyle. My only questions is why…. a general dislike built up over the years or was a specific incident relatively recent? Most of the other cars made some effort to let the two dominant cars fight it out but not Logano.

    I love that fact that Logano did that but it wasn’t particularly wise and it may come back to haunt him in the next few races.

  5. I thought Logano and Harvick had issues about who wears the driving suit (Deanna) in the family. So why would Joey help Kevin. Point being, they all have issues with each other.

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