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Kyle Larson Reinstated By NASCAR for 2021

Kyle Larson has been reinstated by NASCAR for 2021, the organization announced on Monday, Oct. 19.

The reinstatement comes six months after Larson used a racial slur during an iRacing event in April. NASCAR then suspended him indefinitely and required him to complete a sensitivity class.

“NASCAR continues to prioritize diversity and inclusion across our sport,” the sanctioning body stated in a release. “Kyle Larson has fulfilled the requirements set by NASCAR, and has taken several voluntary measures, to better educate himself so that he can use his platform to help bridge the divide in our country. Larson’s indefinite suspension has been lifted. Under the terms of his reinstatement, he will be cleared to return to all NASCAR racing activities effective January 1, 2021.”


The 29-year-old completed his sensitivity training in May and had discussions with NASCAR about his reinstatement beginning in August.

Larson’s 2021 plans have not yet been announced. His old ride, the No. 42 for Chip Ganassi Racing, will be helmed by Ross Chastain.

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23 thoughts on “Kyle Larson Reinstated By NASCAR for 2021”

  1. Good for him! This zero-tolerance mentality in society needs to go. Everyone deserves another chance if they learn from their faux pas…

  2. About time. He got the death penalty for jaywalking. NASCAR was the easiest piece of the puzzle though. Now what sponsor will have him? That’s the real hurdle. My hat’s off to whatever sponsor is willing to pony up for him. I will support that sponsor just for having the balls to go up against the whiners that are just looking for something to get offended over.

    • He certainly has a lot of work to do selling himself to sponsors. I don’t know if a team will even look at him if he doesnt come in the door with a sponsor opportunity.

  3. The only surprise will be him finding sponsors. If the team has a chance to run up front he’ll find them.

    • If it was you, answerable to a board and the stock holders would you do it? Might be less painful ways to scuttle your career.

      • And that’s a problem. People commit serious crimes and don’t lose the chance to continue their career. NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED. The only crime is that Corporate America has become so spineless that they give into mob mentality.

        • Since when was a “mob” involved in this? Unless you’re considering NASCAR a “mob”.
          That doesn’t surprise me if you’re talking about the ignorant way they are running their sport. 3-5 fewer cars per race in the field they used to have. Three fake cautions that remove about 15 laps per advertised race because of their segment joke, i.e. BS rules. Also, why does NASCAR allow a driver to deliberately take another one out of a race, especially on the last lap when they have a black flag in the martials stand that should’ve been used and is only used when a car is destroyed?
          I’m sorry, but the first race I went to was the inaugural race at Michigan International (Ha! on that) Speedway and the series has degenerated into the mindless hogwash that it claims to be “racing”.
          Guess why I don’t watch NASCRAP anymore?

          • I won’t defend NASCAR and the way they have destroyed a once great sport. I am part of those complaining.

            The mob mentality to which I am referring is that aimed at Corporate America by every Twitter Idiot that threatens to boycott them. It has nothing to do with NASCAR. The balls to which I am referring would be Corporate America saying F-you go ahead and boycott we will not be bullied into doing what you want by your threats and your mob of fellow whiners.

        • Problem is we are talking about a “sport” whose participants depend on others, individuals or corporate, voluntarily giving them LARGE amounts of money.
          When those people no longer are willing to give, the car stops. Simple as that.
          Will there be somebody willing to fork over millions to allow Larson to drive a car with there name on the side?
          Guess we will see soon enough.

  4. Everybody deserves a second chance. Life is hard even with a mulligan. Welcome back, Kyle. Hope you find a decent ride.

  5. Great news for all the Confederate-flag waving racists who are NASCAR and Fronstretch fans! Even if y’all didn’t care one way or the other about him before, he’s is the new Great White Hope. I don’t believe Larson is a racist, but his new bandwagon fans certainly are!

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