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Stock Car Scoop: Bubba Wallace’s New Number

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Stock Car Scoop: Bubba Wallace's New Number
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Bubba Wallace finally learned what number he will be driving in 2021. What number will that be? Find out in the latest edition of Stock Car Scoop. 

Frontstretch‘s newest podcast focused on the motorsports news of the week also reveals the lineups for Texas Motor Speedway for this weekend’s races, as well as NASCAR silly season news.

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6 thoughts on “Stock Car Scoop: Bubba Wallace’s New Number”

  1. we are talking about Bubba Wallace here a driver that has never won anything in the Cup series, and everyone is talking like he will be a winning driver next year and maybe a championship contender, He has everything now if he can’t win he will just end up being another Danica

  2. Woohoo!!! Another story about this number. This could rival the amount of stories we’ve been saturated with on the garage door pull. Wow na$car is really creating some excitement with this superstar!

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