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Martin Truex Jr. Fails Texas Pre-Race Inspection, Loses Points

Martin Truex Jr. has been penalized 20 driver and owner points in addition to having the spoiler of his No. 19 Toyota confiscated after failing pre-race inspection on Sunday (Oct. 25) at Texas Motor Speedway. His team has also been levied a $35,000 fine.

Truex’s crew chief James Small has also been ejected from the facility as a result. Truex will forfeit his sixth starting spot for Sunday’s event and start the AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500 from the rear of the field.

The move could be devastating to the 2017 Cup Series champion’s chance to make this year’s Championship 4. Truex now sits 43 points below the cutline and almost certainly needs a win to advance.

The failed inspection also continues a recent history of them for Joe Gibbs Racing, especially during the playoffs. It’s the 18th time this season they’ve failed pre-race with one of their Toyotas; for Truex, it’s the fourth such failure in 2020.

Sunday’s Texas Cup Series event begins at 3:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN. Coverage will also be provided by SIRIUS XM 90 and your local PRN affiliate.

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7 thoughts on “Martin Truex Jr. Fails Texas Pre-Race Inspection, Loses Points”

  1. Since Truex was 31 points beneath the cut line before the penalty, my arithmetic says he’s now 51 points below. Is there some special math for JGR cars that causes the author to put him 43 points behind?

  2. So what! He’ll drive through the field like a hot knife through butter and probably win. There should be a drive-through penalty after two laps and not eligible for a free pass.

  3. The current inspection rules are just idiotic. Fail three inspections and go to the rear. Then they go to the rear with their failed part still on the car and win the race. Where’s the justice in that? If they fail pre-race they should be disqualified…period.

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