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Bubba Wallace Named 2020 Comcast Community Champion of the Year

During the 2020 NASCAR season, Bubba Wallace took a stand to fight for social injustice. Now his Live to Be Different Foundation is getting recognized for those efforts, as he was named the 2020 Comcast Community Champion of the Year today, Nov. 6.

“This is a tremendous honor for the Live To Be Different Foundation and me,” Wallace said in a press release. “We may be a relatively young organization, but we have lofty goals and high hopes for what we can in our community. I’m a firm believer that if we practice those core principles of compassion, love and understanding, we can make an everlasting and positive change. With Comcast’s generosity, we will look to inspire other and help those in need.”

The mission of the Live to Be Different Foundation is to empower the next generation to strive and achieve anything they put their mind to. It supports disadvantaged individuals and those in need of a second chance with educational, social or other types of assistance needed to help make their dreams reality.

“From taking a stand for social justice to fostering an inclusive environment through the Live to Be Different Foundation, Comcast is honored to recognize Bubba Wallace as the 2020 Comcast Community Champion of the Year,” Matt Lederer, vp of brand partnerships at Comcast, said. “Bubba embodies everything this award stands for and we look forward to standing together as he continues to make a positive impact in our communities and across the sport.”

Wallace’s foundation will receive a $60,000 donation on behalf of Comcast. Other finalists — Matt Kaulig (owner of Kaulig Racing) and his Kaulig Charitable Giving Programs and Clay Campbell’s (president of Martinsville Speedway) Campbell Family Foundation — will both be awarded $30,000 for their community efforts.

This year marks the sixth Comcast Community Champion of the Year award. Since 2015, Comcast has donated more than $700,000 to 18 different charitable organizations in the NASCAR community through the program.

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Dustin joined the Frontstretch team at the beginning of the 2016 season. 2020 marks his sixth full-time season covering the sport that he grew up loving. His dream was to one day be a NASCAR journalist, thus why he attended Ithaca College (Class of 2018) to earn a journalism degree. Since the ripe age of four, he knew he wanted to be a storyteller.

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`WOW! What a surprise!`Said no one.


What an honor . You could pop him with a pin now , he’s so swelled up.

Bill B



Wow! An award for being half-black…


Probably be the only thing he’ll be a champion of.

Carl D.

Meh… wake me up when he wins a race.

Thunder Taker

Comcast another pandering conglomerate….


How come nobody said anything when NASCAR put all the France. Family members in the HOF?

Carl D.

Cuz they were sneaky and did it one France at a time.




So now we get low talent backmarkers getting an award for bring black (actually half black). In nascar’s quest for diversity they’ve once again sullied the waters for us long time fans. Surprise! Surprise!


Wait til Brian puts himself in the NA$CAR HOF.


Wow, so “woke” Comcast is! Screw COMCAST! Too bad he doesn’t compare to past winners with their energy and commitment and results! Imo. We have “lofty goals”! Typical lefty platitudes. No results yet, but they get a trophy and $$$$$ because they said some feel good pablum aimed at the “woke” morons! SMH. Part of the everybody gets a trophy crowd! Only in Leftyville do you get a reward for saying you “want” to do something. Especially if it has someone as a “victim”! Maybe if this lip service actually plays out in a year or two and blood, sweat and tears are had, tangible results are obvious, then sure..Congrats! But not now! IMO. Bubba was never a “star” or worth much attention in my view, his leap into victim status recently has cemented forever to me he is an ahole and will always be an ahole.


Come on, this whole thing, the sport and everything around it, is rife with hypocrisy, favoritism, cronyism and a few more that I don’t feel like spelling this morning. So get over it, its just more of the same. Everybody is doing what they see as being in their best interest We can watch or not.
Meanwhile our real lives go on.

But hey I could be wrong.


I agree, but for those of us with eyes open this is another level of that circle jerk you mentioned! SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS! We are told America is bad, the worst of the worst, with zero redeeming qualities! Hard working people who love this country are the enemy of these miserable children who happen to hate this country. Another layer of bullshit to deal with. And companies pander! Many examples…that chicken joint, who caved gave money to the bowel movement and their place was torched after the check was cashed. Stores looted, burned destroy large box stores that contributed to the con, the shakedown. People are stupid. The race hustle and “social justice” “grievances” (cough cough) have been going on for years…however corporate America is now doing gymnastics to please them, at the expense of NORMAL, common sense American loving patriots! Remember to check the bathroom before you let your little girl go in alone, a pervert male thinking he is a female might be lurking! Ah progressives……LOL. Nope this new bowel movement is just another layer of crap that people eat. My eyes don’t lie, and it is my opinion!


Think it could be that some companies, the larger ones, see this as an opportunity to expand, or at least solidify market share I.e. profit.
I doubt that they give a rats butt about the social issues.

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