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Stock Car Scoop: Is Martin Truex Jr. Overlooked as a NASCAR Title Contender?

Martin Truex Jr. got the monkey off of his back early in 2021, winning in just the fifth race of the season. It’s just his second victory since longtime crew chief Cole Pearn retired from the sport at the end of the 2019 season. Truex beat superior competition, as each driver that made the 2020 Championship 4 at Phoenix Raceway finished second through fifth in Sunday’s (March 14) Instacart 500.

Are Truex and the No. 19 Toyota team being overlooked as a title contender? On the latest edition of Frontstretch.com‘s Stock Car Scoop, host Bryan Nolen chats with our NASCAR analyst, Adam Cheek, about Truex’s title chances, Bubba Wallace‘s pit crew issues and Phoenix pit road penalties that cost multiple NASCAR teams solid finishes.

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When you know more than everybody else. It is hard to go forward.
Being critical could put you under!


Truex makes racing the great sport it is. And there are no time outs during this sport. He and his teams efforts won with excellent skills.

Tom B

“Is Martin Truex Jr. Overlooked as a NASCAR Title Contender?”
Too soon to tell just like the rest of them. Stupid subject. Write something meaningful with a real Scoop.

Bill B

I thought the same thing. You have to at least get halfway through the regular season before trends become apparent. There is also the chance that a team peaks too early and falters late in the season.