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CBS Announcing Team Revealed for SRX

CBS Sports revealed the announcers for the upcoming Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) series Wednesday, April 14.

Four will cover all six summer events: host Lindsay Czarniak, play-by-play announcer Allen Bestwick, roaming analyst Brad Daugherty and pit reporter Matt Yocum.

Additionally, three driver analysts will join the series for two races each. Danica Patrick will be at Stafford Motor Speedway on June 12 and Knoxville Raceway on June 19. James Hinchcliffe joins the team at Eldora Speedway on June 26 and Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway on July 17. Lastly, Dario Franchitti will be at Lucas Oil Raceway on July 3 and Slinger Speedway on July 10.

“The exceptional broadcast crew we have put together is a great reflection of what SRX is all about, bringing together all-stars from a variety of racing backgrounds to create a made-for-TV racing experience,” Pam Miller, CBS Sports SRX producer, said in a release. “Each member of the team brings his or her own unique experience in the racing world with deep knowledge of the legacies involved and the entertainment value of racing. Between the amazing drivers behind the wheel, best-in-class television production and historic tracks, SRX will be a tremendous viewing experience for race fans across the nation.”

Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham started the series last year with investor George Pyne. Stewart himself will drive in SRX, as well as Tony Kanaan, Willy T Ribbs, Paul Tracy, Helio Castroneves, Bobby Labonte, Bill Elliott, Ernie Francis Jr., Marco Andretti and Michael Waltrip.

The series will air live on CBS and stream on Paramount+.

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15 thoughts on “CBS Announcing Team Revealed for SRX”

  1. When she was driving for SHR I could at least partially understand the dislike for her. Winless driver in a well funded car, got it. But she’s been gone for how many years now? And who listens to a race because of the announcers anyway?
    Maybe it somewhat explains the Bubba thing.

    • she’s done other broadcasting things, i just cringe when i hear her authoritative tone.

      when she raced in open wheel it was 95.9% of the time someone else’s fault.

      just as with cup……

      at least bubba raced in feeder series and did have some wins.

      • I think that there are few times that a racer, or any professional athlete admits they screwed up. And really means it.
        Regardless I just find the enduring dislike for her interesting. Particularly when there are dozens, if not hundreds cast in the same mold.

  2. Finally!!!! A job in racing for which she MIGHT be qualified.

    I know. That was mean. But it was too funny. Well, I’m laughing, and that’s all that matters,

    • I am not sure what your point is….
      …..only people with positive opinions should voice them?
      …..everyone should like her?
      …..that the people above only leave comments when the story is about Danica?
      …..that your POV is valid and ours are not?

  3. Being from WI I am really looking forward to seeing how these drivers and cars compete at Slinger. The learning curve will be a steep one for the majority of these drivers as the track is a high-banked 1/4 mile blacktop oval. Real short track racing.

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