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Stock Car Scoop: Did Alex Bowman Steal a Win at Richmond?

Stock Car Scoop: Did Alex Bowman Steal a Win at Richmond?
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The NASCAR Cup Series went short track racing this weekend and Alex Bowman overtook Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano and snagged the win at Richmond Raceway on Sunday afternoon. Did Bowman steal this win or did Hamlin or Logano lose it? Stock Car Scoop’s Bryan Nolen and Adam Cheek discuss this and more.

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6 thoughts on “Stock Car Scoop: Did Alex Bowman Steal a Win at Richmond?”

  1. he won, no stealing involved. he used the restart to his advantage. that’s what racers are supposed to do.

  2. How many times did Jimmie Johnson do the same thing? He actually did “steal” those wins, with a little help from his friends.

  3. Steal is to imply he took something that wasn’t his. The object is to cross the finish line first, and Alex did. Leading that last lap is what it’s about. Is Hamlin points racing ! All I heard him say is stage points, race points, playoff points, series points ! Denny, it’s all about winning races and so far your sitting on zero.

  4. This is the first time I was ever happy to see the 48 win. First of all because it wasn’t Johnson and secondly because Hamlin once again choked.

  5. did he “steal” the win? Nope, not one bit. He did what he was supposed to do!

    I was very happy that Hamlin didn’t win the race and since it wasn’t J Johnson in the car, I was happy to see the 48 win.

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