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Netflix Announces Bubba Wallace Documentary Series

Add another streaming show to watch, NASCAR fans. Netflix and Bubba Wallace are teaming up for a documentary series of a behind-the-scenes look at his 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, Netflix announced April 22.

Wallace is in his first season driving for new Cup Series team 23XI Racing, co-owned by fellow Cup Series driver Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan. Wallace is the only Black driver in the premier NASCAR series.

“The series will take viewers behind the scenes of the 2021 NASCAR season through the eyes of the only Black driver at the top level of the sport, and will explore Wallace, 23XI Racing, and NASCAR’s efforts to advocate for inclusion and equality in racing and beyond,” a Netflix spokesperson said about the series, per NBC Sports.

No release date has been announced for the documentary series.

Through nine races thus far this Cup season, Wallace is 20th in the championship standings. He has three top fives and nine top 10s in 121 series starts.


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12 thoughts on “Netflix Announces Bubba Wallace Documentary Series”

  1. Woke me when it’s over. I wonder what his father thinks about the cancellation of his hereditary existence.

    • bubba doesn’t want his white father in the picture. The media ignores it too because it would ruin the story.

  2. How did this guy get to be so important? I don’t dislike him but come on man, WTF?
    The media is making him a star despite his sucky stats and never even being a contender.

  3. He must have some kind of PR firm really greasing the wheels. Whatever he’s paying them it isn’t enough. This is getting beyond belief. And it essentially started with a lie.

    • MJ said we don’t write checks to losers. I guess sports writers ignore how his NBA team does year after year.

    • Bubba is one the brand faces of NA$CAR Fox Sports, along with some other racers that haven’t won this year. Funny, you can only see this pic on Fox TV, not on the internet images.

  4. Hey look, another lecture from the authority on 26th place finishes. No, thanks I won’t be watching.

  5. Wallace’s deal with Netflix has to be cause the Obamas are on the exec. Board. Just like Barack Hussein Obama had a white mother and Wallace has a white father you won’t hear that side of it. You can’t buy good performance and Wallace will be a big let down just like Obama was. Blacks rule basketball- football- and a lot of baseball and now they want to rule nascar and it appears to be working. They are buying their way in with a no good driver, Wallace. Jordon said he likes winners, Well mister superstar you don’t know s*** when it comes to pickin a cup winner. What a waste of time and money, Wallace is just in the way.

  6. It’s a joke who really cares he’ll be gone in no time .MJ said himself he doesn’t like losing and that’s all he’s going to get with him so Nextel you betting on the wrong pony

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