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Stock Car Scoop: Can NASCAR Make Talladega Superspeedway Racing Safer?

Stock Car Scoop: Can NASCAR Make Talladega Superspeedway Racing Safer?
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The NASCAR Cup Series traveled to the largest track on the circuit this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway (April 24-25). While there was no Big One this time, Joey Logano made headlines by flipping with one lap to go in stage one of the 2021 GEICO 500.

Following Logano’s interview, criticizing the safety of the current Cup handling package for these tracks, Bryan Nolen and Adam Cheek discuss whether NASCAR should make changes to avoid these types of wrecks in the future. Can Talladega Superspeedway, typically the most treacherous track on the circuit, be made a safer place to compete?

Also, Bryan and Adam take a look at where Matt DiBenedetto went wrong after leading 29 laps and putting himself in position to win a NASCAR Cup Series race, only to come up short once again. When will Matty D’s turn in victory lane finally come?

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4 thoughts on “Stock Car Scoop: Can NASCAR Make Talladega Superspeedway Racing Safer?”

  1. Answer: Yes, of course they can make Dega racing safer. WILL they? NO! The big wrecks are the reason many fans even watch this race. This has been an issue since 1987 and NASCAR has made the drivers safer during a crash, but they have done NOTHING to prevent the high-speed crashes and they probably never will.

    Anyone who watched the broadcast saw Logano’s wreck at least a dozen times and it will undoubtedly be used in promotional advertising in the future. That’s all we need to know.

  2. The racing is as safe as they can make it without starting all over again on the cars. There have been no deaths in NASCAR since Earnhardt passed away.

    I feel like if the drivers are scared to race there, then DON’T! Stay home!

    • They ARE starting all over with the cars for 2022. Where have you been? This isn’t even good racing. It’s like watching a demo derby, but that’s what a certain class of fan wants.

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