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Stock Car Scoop: Did a NASCAR Caution Cost Kyle Larson Another Win?

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Stock Car Scoop: Did a NASCAR Caution Cost Kyle Larson Another Win?
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The NASCAR Cup Series headed to Kansas Speedway for the first of two races at the mile-and-a-half track this year. On his 36th birthday (May 2), Kyle Busch took the checkered flag to capture his first victory of the season.

Will Busch’s late charge to victory lead to more for the Joe Gibbs Racing driver? Frontstretch’s Adam Cheek and Bryan Nolen discuss whether this gives Busch a sudden jolt of momentum after a sluggish start with new crew chief Ben Beshore. The duo also discuss whether Kyle Larson could have done anything to prevent Busch’s late charge due to a series of late caution flags that started with a controversial call by NASCAR.

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4 thoughts on “Stock Car Scoop: Did a NASCAR Caution Cost Kyle Larson Another Win?”

  1. If a tire sitting 10 ft off pit road is a safety issue, then throw the yellow. If it isn’t don’t. Its a pretty black and white call. Instead it looks like a contrived, orchestrated, made for TV ending to a race. In addition, pit crew and Nascar officials are is very unsafe positions during pit stops
    6 or 7 times a week. Sending someone to retrieve a tire with no one on pit road is somehow so dangerous that it requires a caution flag for someone to walk over and bring it back? The flag was thrown to maximize the entertainment value in the eyes of Fox and there simply is no other logic that can explain it. They screwed 2 guys out of a probable win, but more importantly, they brought the integrity of the sport into question.

  2. Larson cost himself the win with his over-aggressive push of Blaney in the turn. Larson’s self-inflicted mistakes have dogged his entire career. He has blown more races than he has won, both with Ganassi and HMS.

    • Larson didn’t aggressively push Blaney. He ran right over him. If that would have been Kyle Busch, Truex,or a few others being the benefactor of Larsen’s so called “aggressive pushing” they would be raising hell about it. What really pissed me off was how Gordon, Bowyer, and Joy felt so bad for Larsen. Give me a break. Not a word said about Blaney’s misfortune. He was running in or near the top 10 most of the race.


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