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Stock Car Scoop: Should NASCAR Have Kept the Brickyard 400?

The NASCAR Cup Series is back turning left and right as it takes on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course for the first time in division history. However, with the switch to the road course from the traditional Brickyard 400 on the oval, a crown jewel has been removed from the schedule. Should the sport have stuck with the oval, or is new tradition a good thing? Get Bryan Nolen and Adam Cheek’s take in the latest edition of Frontstretch‘s Stock Car Scoop.

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About the author

Bryan Nolen currently goes to the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail. He would like to be involved in some aspect of Motor Sports after he completes school. He hosts a podcast that is on Apple Podcasts and Google Play called Sports Talk with Bryan and TB and lives in Boise, Idaho.

Follow him on Twitter @TheBryanNolen

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Nascar should not go to the Brickyard at all !!! The Indycar race is the only race that matters there, and the only one that puts on a good show. If they want to race in Indy, they can spend a little bit of money and race across town, under the lights on a Saturday Night at IRP, a good little short track, the Fans would love it…+

Carl D.

The BY400 has never been accepted as a crown jewel race by the fans. More often it has been either boring or an absolute catastrophe. I’ll withhold my opinion of the road course until after Sunday’s race, but like Craig, I’d much rather see them run at IRP.

David Edwards

I think when nascar was finally able to race at Indy it was viewed as a huge triumph by the fans. Then it didn’t take long to realize how bad the stock cars were at that track. The tire debacle was the final straw. It ever has, nor ever will recover from that.
still they will continue to try and make money off of it. Don’t look for that to stop.


If NASCAR is coming to Indianapolis, then the Road Course is where they need to be. The Indy 500 is for open wheel cars. Period. You don’t see open wheel at Daytona on the oval. There are safety and competitive issues.
It didn’t work out well at Charlotte when the wheel came off a car and killed someone in the stands.
Stick with your strength.
The Road Course is an opportunity to create a true tradition at the track. If not, I wouldn’t put it past Roger Penske and his outstanding crew to find a way to integrate a short track into the course.
I am looking forward to it.


I feel like we have too many road courses now. I’d be okay dropping the Charlotte Roval, the Daytona road course, and the Indy road course. Watkins Glen, Sonoma, and Road America stay, and COTA needs a fair shake. Much more interested in Cup racing at Iowa Speedway and also in returns to North Wilkesboro, Rockingham, and possibly even Nashville Fairgrounds. If going to Indy, sign me up for IRP. In my brave new world, a number of tracks get only one race and we’re very selective as to who gets playoff races (although, I’m for ditching stage racing and playoffs, too).

What made NASCAR explode? The racing in the 80’s and 90’s being shown on TV. The racing from the 80’s and 90’s (no gimmicks) is where it’s at. Sponsorship wise, we’re more in 1986 and 1987 (in terms of cars having well-known sponsors). People react well to authenticity. I’d love a return to authentic racing (see IndyCar) with no gimmicks.

Rufus T Firefly

What they need to do is get rid of auto racing at IMS completely (NASCAR, Indycar, keep F1 in Texas and Miami) and go back to what it had when it opened in 1909: balloon races.

NASCAR going with gimmicksagain: a road races in an oval course. When it should do is fix the lack of excitement on ovals. I like road courses. But IMS is not one.

Mark Shipley

The road course format is a major disappointment. The classic race – jewel of the NASCAR season – is just another clown show. I was unaware of the altered format before I tuned in, and I was very disappointed.

Vince H

I am with KWey45. Too many road courses. As seen so far today this is a total disaster at Indy. Either go back to the 400 or get out of the Brickyard. There are other tracks that I would like to see go away but money talks even if it means bad racing. I also do not like the gimmicks. If they need the stage racing why not keep running and award the points without a caution. We would not have 3 7 time champions without the gimmicks. I get turned off more all the time the way they are running NASCAR.

Tom Sayre

Yes, they need to get back to the 400

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