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What’s the Call: Can Kyle Busch & Tony Stewart Get Along As Teammates?

Today’s Question: Earlier this week, it was leaked to the press that Kyle Busch will be headed to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2008. With on-track skirmishes and public bad mouthing in the not-so-distant past, can Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart get along as teammates?

Fanning the Flames: Robby Gordon’s Problem, Joe Gibbs’s Reality & Why Kurt Busch Is Craving… Miller Lite?

Q: NASCAR screwed Robby Gordon again. I think he did the right thing by staying out and getting his money’s worth of a penalty. I’m not going to argue the rights or wrongs of the penalties themselves, as I’m sure you all will take care of that in Mirror Driving. My question is, what is keeping the drivers from forming a union that can file grievances when incidents like this occur, a group that can look out for the drivers’ best interests (insurance, salary, etc.)?

Fantasy Picks ‘N’ Pans: 2007 Centurion Boats at the Glen Edition

While Kurt Busch put on a clinic last weekend at Pocono, the rest of the Chase hopefuls put in good finishes to accentuate the point of why they are the best of the best. With all 14 main Chase contenders finishing in the top 17, it wasn’t hard to put up a good fantasy number last weekend. But this week’s Centurion Boats at the Glen will likely be a different story. Road course racing isn’t for everyone, with a few key drivers normally stealing the show. However, crazy things can happen when you’re going left and right on the Nextel Cup circuit, and sometimes an unexpected hero can emerge. So, which drivers have we selected to make you look like a Fantasy King or Queen this week? Read this week’s Fantasy Picks ‘N’ Pans to find out.

Mirror Driving: Did Kyle Busch Make The Right Choice, Does Robby Gordon Still Have a Voice & Did Ray Evernham Buy Himself a Rolls Royce?

Kurt Busch was – in a word – dominant on Sunday. What’s made the difference over at Penske Racing in the past two months that has him primed to make the Chase? Can he keep up the momentum?

Thompson in Turn 5: Robby Gordon One-Ups Himself

It is time to revisit the subject of Robby Gordon: Racecar Driver after his controversial activities in Montreal, Canada last Saturday. In March of this year, I dedicated this weekly column to defending Gordon against what I believe to be unfair and unbalanced treatment by the motorsports community as a whole. What had prompted that article, entitled “Robby Gordon: NASCAR’s ‘Lone Wolf'” were allegations of Gordon’s aggressive driving that led to an early-race accident in Las Vegas, one which ended with the racecars of Ward Burton and Mears being severely damaged.

Who’s Hot/Who’s Not in Nextel Cup: 2007 Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Edition

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, Kurt Busch, or one of Kurt Busch’s fans (yes – he actually does have some), then you probably found Sunday’s Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono a real snoozefest. Busch started from second position, alongside Dale Earnhardt Jr., but didn’t stay there long; he made a mockery out of the race, leading 175 laps en route to his first win of the year and a spot inside the top 12 in points. Unlike recent weeks, there weren’t any potential Chasers that ran into major trouble on Sunday; the 14 main contenders all finished in the top 17 positions, making the race for the Chase more competitive than ever with just five races remaining.

10 Points to Ponder… After the 2007 Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono

1. Robby Robbed? – I’m going to take the minority position here, but I believe NASCAR initially made the right call placing Robby Gordon in 13th for the restart in Saturday’s Busch race. The issue according to NASCAR was not where Gordon was when the caution came out, but the fact that he failed to “maintain a cautious pace” under the yellow. However, NASCAR did compound the confusion by initially telling Gordon to line up in first… then in second… then in 13th. The officiating crew also messed up by restarting the race with Gordon still in second, knowing full well that he would wreck Marcos Ambrose after the restart – which, of course, he did. For his part, Gordon said that the reason he didn’t move back was that he was going to appeal the finish and “wanted to make sure that the race played out the way it should.”

David Starr Diary: Off Weekend? What Off Weekend?

We are more than half way through the 2007 season, and in a little over two weeks we go to Bristol Motor Speedway! Recently we took our International MaxxForce Diesel Ford F-150 to test the “new” Bristol track. It’s always cool to go to there because it’s just an awesome facility and there is so much excitement and history at the track. Going there last week and testing was exciting because of the new surface. It was a great test, but the track was very “green,” meaning there was no rubber on it. All in all, it was good for my team to be able to really work together and try new stuff. We learned a lot and I’m looking forward to going back there for the race.