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Mirror Driving: Montoya Already Best In History? Should The Bobby Jr. Story BE History?

With Juan Pablo Montoya adding a Rolex 24 victory to his resume over the weekend, it’s another prestigious trophy to go along with his years of success in CART and Formula 1. Can Montoya be already considered one of the most successful drivers in history, even if he ends up failing in stock cars?

Thompson in Turn 5: A Season of Inconsistency and Frustration

Though I continue to keep an open mind concerning NASCAR’s decision to develop and introduce the Car of Tomorrow (CoT) into weekly competition, the schedule for 2007 seems certain to create an inconsistent and disjointed season for fans. Instead of the sixteen scheduled CoT races slated for 2007, the sanctioning body would have been better served to postpone the debut of the car until 2009, when the CoT will supposedly be prepped to handle all racetracks.

2007 Season Preview: Whose Job Is On The Line?

Today’s Season Preview Topic: What driver enters the season under the most pressure to make the Chase, and why? Will they succeed or fail?

2007 Season Preview: What Happens to the Busch Series?

Today’s Season Preview Topic: The Busch Series has been ravaged by Buschwhackers taking all the money and the TV time, causing longtime teams to close up shop and leaving several Busch-only drivers scrambling for any ride they can get. With the Cup onslaught continuing in the series for 2007, is there any chance for someone other than a Cup driver to salvage the series by taking the title? Will NASCAR fix the Busch Series rules for ’08 and beyond, and how?

2007 Season Preview: Juan Pablo Montoya vs. All Other Rookies

Today’s Season Preview Topic: Juan Pablo Montoya may be the most hyped-up rookie in Nextel Cup history. Still, his limited stock car experience makes him somewhat of an unknown; is he capable of winning Rookie of the Year, and better yet, can he actually win a Cup race in his first season?

Best of Voices: NASCAR Will Never Beat The NFL

Ever since Brian France assumed the helm of NASCAR, it seems that his main goal has been focused not on the race amongst cars every Sunday, but rather on a popularity race against another professional Sunday sport; the NFL. In fact, Brian has concentrated on this issue so much that in its current state, the whole complexion of NASCAR is changing.

Thompson in Turn 5: NASCAR Announces Chase Changes While Fan Opinions Fall On Deaf Ears

Monday, NASCAR Chairman Brian France announced the long-awaited changes to the point system as it pertains to points awarded drivers for winning a Nextel Cup race. Additionally, France informed the assembled news media that the Chase format would be augmented to include 12 drivers from the present 10. Sounds like something I’d be in full support of, right? Well, you’re wrong.

2007 Season Preview: Which Teams Are In Danger Of Closing Up?

Today’s Season Preview Topic: Several new teams will debut this season, tightening Nextel Cup fields and causing fully sponsored teams to go home. Which longtime single or multi-car team will find themselves in the most trouble of “disappearing” from the Nextel Cup radar screen with the new competition?

And We Have A Winner….

Congratulations to Bill Gilmore of Raleigh, N.C. – the winner in our “Back in the Day with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.” DVD contest! Bill was the only person to correctly answer all 10 trivia questions.

Thanks to all the readers who participated in the contest!