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Becca Gladden

Nuts ‘N’ Bolts: Hey Baby, It’s NASCAR!

Remember the TV commercial last season for the Superstore -- the one where all the gifts at a young bride's wedding shower were NASCAR items? If the Madison Avenue types decide to follow up this season with a baby shower ad, I have discovered the perfect gift for the expectant mother to unwrap: Team Baby Entertainment's "NASCAR BABY" DVD.

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2007 Season Preview: What Happens to the Busch Series?

Today's Season Preview Topic: The Busch Series has been ravaged by Buschwhackers taking all the money and the TV time, causing longtime teams to close up shop and leaving several Busch-only drivers scrambling for any ride they can get. With the Cup onslaught continuing in the series for 2007, is there any chance for someone other than a Cup driver to salvage the series by taking the title? Will NASCAR fix the Busch Series rules for '08 and beyond, and how?

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2007 Season Preview: Juan Pablo Montoya vs. All Other Rookies

Today's Season Preview Topic: Juan Pablo Montoya may be the most hyped-up rookie in Nextel Cup history. Still, his limited stock car experience makes him somewhat of an unknown; is he capable of winning Rookie of the Year, and better yet, can he actually win a Cup race in his first season?

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2007 Season Preview: Which Teams Are In Danger Of Closing Up?

Today's Season Preview Topic: Several new teams will debut this season, tightening Nextel Cup fields and causing fully sponsored teams to go home. Which longtime single or multi-car team will find themselves in the most trouble of "disappearing" from the Nextel Cup radar screen with the new competition?

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2007 Frontstretch Season Preview: Car of Tomorrow

Today's Season Preview Topic: Will the Car of Tomorrow (CoT) debut at Bristol, be delayed, or completely disappear? When people look back on the 2007 season, what will they have to say about the CoT?

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Becca’s Big 6: Questions Answered After the 2006 Ford 400 at Homestead

For the final race of the season, I have chosen to salute a broadcaster rather than a driver - race analyst Benny Parsons, who has been battling lung cancer for most of the year. Through all his treatments, Benny has continued working, becoming a shining example of class, modesty, and raw determination for those inflicted with this disease. At the start of Sunday's broadcast, Benny was asked if he was excited about the upcoming race and he replied, "I'm just thrilled to be here."

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