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NASCAR Race Weekend Central

The Calm Before The Storm

2014 Loudon I CUP Joey Logano Brad Keselowski racing CIA

If nothing else, NASCAR enters this particular Monday morning well rested. Fresh off its last Sprint Cup off weekend, the news cycle slowed to a crawl last week as most participants were busy enjoying life elsewhere, away from the cameras on some Caribbean island. Even those who stayed at home would rather relax, mowing their …

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The Fallacy Of The Fastest 43

2014 Loudon I CUP Joey Logano spin CIA

Joey Logano and Morgan Shepherd spin at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. (Credit: CIA)

Every American major league sport sells itself as the best of the best. The Super Bowl is designed to crown the “best” football team in the world (Canadian Football, be damned!) The Stanley Cup is fought with the “top” hockey players signed to North American contracts. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game will highlight …

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NASCAR Underdogs Had Their Chances

2014 Pocono I CUP Marcos Ambrose pointing CIA

Amrbose out of contention? Only need only to point to Martinsville and Bristol where a win could happen - or at the very least, net enough points to squeak into the Top 16.

“Wild card.” Fans heard that term, leading up to Sonoma, more than “wine country,” “road course,” or “Boris Said.” It’s a modern reality of the Chase format, designed to give “underdogs their day” at the select few races left where they can actually go out and compete for the win. No longer will a David …

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The Dynasty NASCAR Built… Or Is It Hendrick?

2014 Michigan I CUP Jimmie Johnson CIA

Credit: CIA Editorial Photography

The word “dynasty” is frequently overused in sports – especially in an era where every achievement must be overhyped on Twitter, Facebook and every TV news source imaginable. So the Miami Heat, after two straight NBA titles found themselves on the verge of a “dynasty.” Your local baseball team wins nine games in a row and …

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The Return Of “Bad Brad” Hits NASCAR At Talladega

Remember this January? When someone asked Brad Keselowski if he’d calm down the controversy? Late last year, his Twitter feed had begun to resemble Disney Channel standards instead of the steamy FOX News political debate he had once successfully produced? Things had gotten so G-Rated, “noted FOX Sports columnist Tom Jensen actually made a fair point”:http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/story/taste-of-reality-nascar-s-law-in-order-approach-quieting-bad-brad-021214 Brad had been “muzzled” by …

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Raining On NASCAR’s Parade: Struggling With The Status Quo

Another rain-delayed Sprint Cup race? Complete with hours of waiting until officials finally call the event? Ain’t nobody got time for that. On a serious note, with the Texas race rescheduled, NASCAR is now on pace for 15 “late starts” or rain postponements for 36 races this season. That’s an astounding number, a projection that has to lower …

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NASCAR’s Career-Death Experience: A Road To (Almost) Recovery

In the wake of Kurt Busch’s Martinsville victory, filled with more irony than Alanis Morissette could ever sing about, it’s important to remember his comeback, nearly 80 races in the making is nothing short of miraculous in modern NASCAR. For in a world where rides, let alone sponsors were growing extinct back in December 2011 …

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NASCAR’s Drought In The Desert… A Case Of Bad Timing

Phoenix Racing

Phoenix, not quite the compelling follow-up to a dramatic Daytona 500.

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series swept into its West Coast swing this weekend with a sandstorm out in Arizona. Momentum, with one Most Popular Driver winning one Most Important Race, was clearly in their corner. All week, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. popped up everywhere from SportsCenter to Letterman, reminding former, current, and future supporters of stock car racing of the cool factor that …

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Earnhardt’s Explosion Back Into Relevancy… At NASCAR’s Super Bowl

The hardest thing about journalism these days is the public’s need for instant reaction. A gold medal is won, a life is lost, an Earnhardt resurrected at Daytona and immediately we need to know how to feel, often in 140 characters or less. Analysis, the kind that takes weeks to turn into well-thought out paragraphs …

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The Underdogs Have Their Day

JOIN OUR FANTASY RACING LEAGUE!! The Frontstretch has a big league on Yahoo!, once again and we’d like you to be a part of it. Come compete with your favorite racing experts by clicking here and signing up. Our Group ID is 10532 and the password is stenica… so don’t miss out! We learned a …

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