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A Shrinking World Offers Opportunity to Break Free from NASCAR Hegemony


(Photo: Randy Lanning)

It’s been a struggle to commentate the past few weeks, and not just because there is no racing taking place to commentate on. Since a 2010 season that saw me on the road 35 weekends covering anything and everything I could for Frontstretch, I’ve often found that I do my best thinking on the road. …

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Amen & Thank You


(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)

This may come as a shock to some, although not as much after Monday night, but racing is dangerous. Strapping into a conglomeration of metal and moving parts that hurtles down the track at speeds around 200 mph can sometimes lead to catastrophic failures. When those failures happen, the potential for injury is quite significant. …

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Christmas in February: Eve of the 2020 Daytona 500 Brimming with Promise


(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)

With all the hype surrounding the 2021 NASCAR season, and with it promises/illusions/hopes of better racing, racier cars and a radically altered schedule combining new (street courses) and old (the return to the Nashville Fairgrounds is sounding a lot like the dragons in early Game of Thrones… they’re coming), 2020 seemed almost forgotten. It shouldn’t …

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Fire on Fridays: NASCAR Needs Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

2020DaytonaNCSRickyStenhouseJrFaceNKP 1

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)

Something that has consistently dumbfounded me is the amount of hate and disrespect Ricky Stenhouse Jr. gets from fans on social media. There’s constantly jokes about him wrecking and insults being thrown around. There’s even a parody account or two. Yes, Stenhouse is an ultra-aggressive driver, and sometimes that can lead to incidents, but don’t …

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Speedweeks 2020: Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year


(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

Rewind back to my season-opening column a year ago, and the theme was bridge building. The need for NASCAR to find a way to connect what have become two disparate fan bases; those remaining that follow NASCAR Cup Series racing religiously, and those that left the big tent behind for the nation’s remaining dirt tracks …

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2020 NASCAR Cup Series Preseason Power Rankings


(Credit: Christian Koelle, Frontstretch)

For the first time here at Frontstretch, our staff banded together to vote on who it thinks will be the top drivers of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season in a preseason power rankings format. Each participating staff member sent a 30-driver ranking before the beginning of the season, taking into account not only 2019 successes …

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Fans Deserve the Best Title Race Possible


(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)

The discussion at the beginning of the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season was the package. After short tracks and road courses, it was apparent that a change was needed. After last weekend at ISM Raceway, it isn’t just needed — it is necessary. With that said, this column is not about the package. …

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Let Them Fight!

LET THEM FIGHT! Racing is an emotional sport. When you throw a half-mile, tight-cornered racetrack into the mix, the odds of drivers running into one another are very heightened. Once drivers start making contact, the anger and hostility are going to continue to ramp up. Add the intensity of battling for one of four spots …

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The More Rules, the More Mistakes


(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)

NASCAR continues to try to parallel stick-and-ball sports with its playoffs and crew member numbers. Unfortunately, it has also started to mimic its more traditional sport partners with its ridiculous number of rules and poor enforcement of said rules. The NFL has been getting bashed over the first six weeks of the season for its …

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