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Pay-Per-View vs. a Highlight Reel: Fixing FOX’s Terrible Coverage

Which would you rather have, four hours of uninterrupted NASCAR race coverage or a one hour highlight reel? That’s a tough question these days. One I used to be able to answer unequivocally. Why would I want the Sprint Cup Series to go pay-per-view? Well, when FOX cuts to commercial every five minutes, regardless of …

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NASCAR Forgot to Tell Them, “Keep it Clean, Boys.”

“Boys, have at it.” Brian France and Co. all agreed this ought to be the credo of NASCAR several years ago. Collectively, the fan base proceeded to cheer. At long last, our heroes would not be fined and suspended for failing to control their tongues in moments of extreme stress, or worry that rubbing a …

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Fan’s View: Daytona International Speedway the Track I Love, Hate & Love Again

It’s a beautiful place, a true monument to all we hold dear as racing fans. Daytona International Speedway stands tall in the soft Florida wind, the pattern of the encompassing catch fence blending with the swaying fronds of the palm trees and the rippling water across Lake Lloyd. We love it here. Most fanciers of …

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Fan’s View: If You’re Bored with NASCAR Now, You Might Want to Get a Checkup

I’m betting a simple thing this week: You’re having a really good time chewing over the events of the past Phoenix NASCAR weekend. If there’s a fan out there who has decided they’d rather be at the dentist office rather than deliberate on who was right, who was wrong, the timing of flags, the fickleness …

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Fan’s View: Voting for No Change in NASCAR

NASCAR’s got to change! Isn’t that the platform just about all of NASCAR Nation has been chanting for the past few years? And yet even though we go to the voting booth (um, er, track) or don’t, things haven’t changed. Somehow the cookie-cutter tracks still make up the vast majority of our schedule, the leader …

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Fan’s View: Leave the Utensils on the Table; Hamlin’s Dinner Isn’t Done Yet

Denny Hamlin‘s season is done. It is? When did this happen? As soon as the No. 11 began its stuttering and rolled to a stop on lap 391, my Twitter feed exploded with the overused, “Put a fork in him!” And I wondered why NASCAR Nation decided that the Virginian gave up the ghost yet …

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Fan’s View: Nothing But Silly Stories & the End of NASCAR

Besides the fact that the race on Saturday night was yet another yawn-inducing fuel-mileage parade, was there anything at all happening in NASCAR this week? I mean something of importance. Something like… the Bank of America 500 was the first Cup race run without an Earnhardt in it since 1979. While it was certainly gossip …

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