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Tweet N Greet

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): #MultiTasker : And he is still tweeting @keselowski pic.twitter.com/nVrAa5MDHf” @Just_AP (Ashley Parlett): Here's why I think whatever Jeremy said should NOT be released: 1) we do NOT need anyone personally offended 2) hes a good kid and the.. @Just_AP: ..loss of everything he has worked for is enough 3) every hypocritical asshole will land blast him and forget that they too.. @Just_AP: ..have made an inappropriate statement at some point. The people who patrol these things have taken action. Now focus on something else @Just_AP: And for everyone saying they have the RIGHT to know. You are wrong, sit down. #lynchmob @Just_AP: Furthermore. I don't blame NASCAR for policing such things. It sucks, its ridiculous but its their sandbox & they have sponsors to answer to @DGodfatherMoody (Dave Moody): So you're angry at the reporter, but not Clements? Interesting @DonRohr SOMEONE ratted him out vs being adult and discuss it with him @KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): I'm so glad @JimmieJohnson is enjoying mocking me & the fact that I fell UP an escalator. Me and my new bruises & broken phone- not so much @MichaelAnnett: I think I could set up a fruit stand on the side of the road with all these Edible Arrangements I've received. #chocolatedippedstrawberries @NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): Me to @Beth_Frntstrtch 2nite: \"@MRNRadio did a Harlem Shake video? Why can't we?\" Silence. Then..\"I don't know about all that.\" Haha #NASCAR @JohnnySauter: My son just ran 50 laps around our house and then stopped and told me that he has to take a break because @Matt_Crafton put him in the wall. @StacyStenhouse: Love waking up to this precious face! http://instagr.am/p/WcEc1HKg8-/ @Mother_Function: Nice q-run for @kevinharvick today. Must have brought out his \"Big Guns\" http://twitpic.com/c7w5kp @55MarkMartin: Thanks @rchilders55 @aaronssports @toyotaracing cool starting 1st Sun. http://yfrog.com/oborttej http://yfrog.com/hswfqybbj http://yfrog.com/obc43dej @KyleBusch: What an awesome day, great 2 get @MonsterEnergy to VL. This burn out was 4 all u fans! Thanks 4 the support. pic.twitter.com/96NtlvFspK @KyleBusch: Great way to cool down after a win w ice cold @MonsterEnergy!! All jacked up for today ready to do it again!! http://twitpic.com/c8eekc @KurtBusch: Don't get in any moving vehicle w/ my mom. She was involved in a crash in the tunnel b4 the end of the race. A little banged up @SamanthaBusch: Dear @NASCAR this sandwich bag floating on the track looks VERY dangerous! Quick throw a caution, Pretty please ;) pic.twitter.com/Nz341tAxad @roushfenway (Roush Fenway Racing): A #Backflip into Victory Lane #CarlEdwards #rfrdriven http://tmblr.co/ZT-1vsfSV6eU @KurtBusch: Thx again for all the nice comments about mom. She's here at the track & in great spirits. She was touched by all the concern @landoncassill: We didn't expect to run the full race this week but we did! Car isn't too bad, when we get some sponsors to make a full effort we'll be good @DavidRagan: Well you have days like today….I wish I could have missed the wreck….. Again we will move on to Vegas. It was a good race 4 us last year @StenhouseJr: Long day fly to Texas this mornin. And jus landed back in Phoenix waitin on my chauffeur @DanicaPatrick well not waitin she's waitin on me @scottspeed: We laid it down!! Missed half of practice!! No matter.. So proud of everyone, made real good decisions on setup!! Love out q'ing huge teams @DavidStremme: I'm sorry to all the Dave Blaney fans. I had brakes issues and it was totally my fault that he got wrecked. Week was not the way we wanted @travispastrana: Never know what to expect when I walk into a nascar race… pic.twitter.com/60WKCmHKCg ‏@JimmieJohnson: What a start to the season for @LowesRacing. I'm so proud of@TeamHendrick, the hard work and endless hours of work is paying off. #6pack @Brendan62 (Brendan Gaughan): Definition of happiness: Climbing into bed w @Taterztotz and my son with the baby in the crib next to us. I missed my babies! @DeLanaHarvick: Don't go ninjin nobody that don't need ninjin! RT @KevinHarvick Stay away from this guy… He's dangerous!!! pic.twitter.com/0XvaH0Et7B @DakodaArmstrong: Well got 2 speeding tickets within 12 months so have to do a 4 hour driver defense test now #awesome #goodtime @11mommalou (Mary Lou Hamlin): Had a BEAUTIFUL drive 2day to Utah! 1st time in State.Look what's across the street of hotel! Zion Nat'l Park 2morrowpic.twitter.com/PgDOQVPkZS @David_Starr_81: Baby Vance Starr! #fb pic.twitter.com/eILfWNO1rV @kennywallace: Kenny Wallace \"Harlem Shake\" St.Louis Style! http://youtu.be/JFeqtqw1bjE \" @keselowski (Brad Keselowski): I have a strange un-diagnosed phobia that makes me want to uncontrollably cry on tax day. @J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): Well, I mean how else would you describe a dog? Haha. Sign @starbucks this am http://instagr.am/p/WUd46aIRQm/ @AndyLally: Martin is on the pole today, get it,,, on…the…pole… Oh, wait,,that's not funny this week? #Good #ThatGotOldQuick @ReedSorenson7: So thankful to get an opportunity to drive the 43 while @MichaelAnnett recovers. Very exciting and can't wait to get started this weekend @MichaelAnnett: Really excited for my buddy @ReedSorenson7 getting behind the wheel of my #43 car. He'll bring home the finishes we need. @Elliott_Sadler: Glad to see Reed get tabbed to fill in for Annett… He deserves this opportunity.. Good luck to him…. As well as Mike on speedy recovery @JennaFryer: Just attempted to fix the washing machine with google, YouTube and an 8 year old. #MacGruber @JennaFryer: Awaiting the results of attempt 3 to fix washing machine. We are down 3 beach towels, a roll of paper towels and borrowed the frying pan. @pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): @JennaFryer honestly. I resort to the BIG HAMMER option in situations like that. After that it won't be a question if it works or not! @JennaFryer: @pkligerman That's next. I also have a power drill and some bits. @JennaFryer: P.S. the frying pan was what the 8 year old raced to grab to collect the water because the hose was so low to the ground.

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