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Some Ad Campaigns NASCAR Could Be Running

Recently I witnessed an ad for the upcoming race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s a typical spot run on television by speedways, with drivers feuding, a shot of Jimmie Johnson, etc. But at the end, there was this grabber: “And now you CAN get tickets to Bristol!”

Why is a racetrack bragging about how they aren’t selling out anymore? Doesn’t just saying “tickets are available now” sound better? Who would know?

Happy Hour: Why Race At Indy? Because It’s Something Different

I’ve read more than a few articles this week that grudgingly suggest that NASCAR shouldn’t be racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The main gist for most of these articles is that the racing there simply hasn’t been that good, and that stock cars aren’t built to race on a large and flat track.

All valid points, I suppose. I don’t dispute that we haven’t seen the best racing NASCAR has to offer at the Brickyard. And we have seen some of the worst, like the 2008 classic. I don’t even argue that NASCAR racing at Indianapolis is more based on hype than about a venue that produces great racing.

Happy Hour: Nice Guys Don’t Finish 1st Too Often

When Leo Durocher said “nice guys finish last,” his point wasn’t that a competitor needs to trample on his opponents to win. What he was saying was that no one hates a loser. It’s amusing to watch the tributes to George Steinbrenner from a sports media that absolutely despised the man while he was alive. …

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Happy Hour: Changing the Chase Will Only Delegitimize it More

One of my favorite movies of all time is Office Space. What makes that movie so great is that anyone who has ever worked in a corporate office can completely relate to everything in it, from sadistic micromanagers to egomaniacal consultants. There truly are many bosses like Lumbergh in the world. The movie demonstrates perfectly …

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Happy Hour: “Pursuing Younger Fans?” That’s the Marketing Department’s Job

I read with interest Scene Daily’s recent interview with Lesa France Kennedy, the CEO of the International Speedway Corporation that owns the tracks that make up about a third of NASCAR’s schedule. Kennedy is the sister of NASCAR CEO Brian France, as you all well know, so one would expect them both to have similar …

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Happy Hour: And That’s Why Jimmie Johnson’s the Champ

Last season I wrote a series of articles detailing who I thought were the best drivers in Sprint Cup today and why. I was probably utterly off the mark, but I based the rankings on several different criteria that are likely accurate, such as versatility on different types of tracks. In the articles, I ranked …

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Happy Hour: Jeff Gordon’s Slump Isn’t Helping NASCAR Either

NASCAR had to be foaming at the mouth when Dale Earnhardt Jr. signed on with Hendrick Motorsports during the 2007 season. Prior to the move, NASCAR had indirectly been trying to lend a hand to the sport’s Golden Boy. Limits were placed on team ownership and practices were eliminated. A playoff was created to keep …

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Happy Hour: Denny Hamlin to Dethrone Jimmie Johnson? Don’t Bet the Farm Just Yet

Everyone I’ve talked to that has had a torn ACL has described to me in graphic terms how brutal the pain is. Phrases like “I went down like a sack of potatoes” — whatever that means — are fairly common. Anyway, the point’s been taken that a torn ACL hurts, badly. And people who have …

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Happy Hour: There is No New Kyle Busch – There Wasn’t Even an Old 1

Have you ever seen a commercial where a brand of detergent or something of that nature pronounces itself “new and improved?” This sort of advertising was far more common when I was a lad, as opposed to today where every corporation tries to show how hip they are with their humorous ad campaigns. At any …

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Happy Hour: Little E’s Troubles May Be Psychological

Despite that my brain and mouth, while both very capable, move at totally different speeds and rarely in sync whenever I’m asked to speak publicly, the friendly fellows at ESPN Radio’s Carey and Coffey show still occasionally ask for my opinion on things NASCAR. Last week they invited me on to talk about the sport’s …

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Happy Hour: Future Hall of Fame Arguments

Just this one writer’s opinion, but the best thing a Hall of Fame provides for a sport is the discussions it inspires amongst sportswriters and fans. Now that Matt McLaughlin has so eloquently made the case for the next five inductees, and I can’t dispute much of it, I thought I’d look at current folks …

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