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Holding A Pretty Wheel: The Myth of Winning Too Much

2017 Kansas II CUP Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson John K Harrelson NKP

(Photo: John K. Harrelson/NKP)

“I like Martin Truex Jr. and all, but I hope he doesn’t dominate like he did last year.  He won too much; it was boring.” This topic came up in a conversation during the offseason, where the racing talk turns to deeper discussion debating the finer points of the sport. As a philosophy, “winning too …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: When Racing Was Everything

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(Photo: Nigel Kinrade/NKP)

I reconnected with an old friend not so long ago.  She was someone I knew well a lifetime ago, and we still get together every now and again.  Our paths diverged several years back when I moved to North Carolina.  She was a diehard race fan when we spent weekends in New Hampshire watching any …

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Holding A Pretty Wheel: The Lady In Black Adds to Jimmie Johnson’s Summer Woes

2017 Michigan II CUP Jimmie Johnson helmet Nigel Kinrade NKP

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade/NKP)

It’s hard to ignore the grey in the beard or the lines around the eyes these days.  No longer a kid, but several years older and seven times wiser, Jimmie Johnson looks through the eyes of a champion. But these days, the worry lines are a bit deeper, the eyes not laughing like they sometimes …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday & the Need for Relatable Sponsors

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(Photo: Matthew T. Thacker/NKP)

Once a year, NASCAR fans can go to the track and step back in time. When NASCAR returned the Labor Day weekend race to Darlington Raceway, the track and teams embraced the move by honoring the sport’s oldest speedway with a throwback theme. Teams adorned their cars with the colors of the past, even bringing …

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Holding A Pretty Wheel: The Downside of NASCAR Alliances

2016 Atlanta Motor Speedway NSCS Martin Truex Jr. credit NASCAR via Getty Images

(Photo: NASCAR via Getty Images)

Martin Truex, Jr. is pretty much the king of the hill in NASCAR this season. He leads driver points by 48 markers, is tied with Jimmie Johnson for the most wins in the Cup Series this season and has 14 stage wins. That’s double the number of Kyle Busch, who’s second on that list with …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: When Were the Good Ol’ Days of NASCAR?

1995 Brickyard 400 Dale Earnhardt NASCAR 1a

(Photo: Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

“Back in the good ol’ days…” is a phrase heard all the time in NASCAR. Back in the good ol’ days, the racing was great and every finish was exciting. Back in the good ol’ days, the drivers were real racers. Back in the good ol’ days, NASCAR wouldn’t have stood for this. Waxing nostalgic …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: Will Silly Season 2017 Be Crazy?


(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

Summer in NASCAR is a time when teams can either thrive or slump under the sun, and those without wins begin to sweat a little when they look at the playoff scenario.  Teams see tracks for a second time and some find that something they need. Others coast a bit, seeing what works and making …

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Holding A Pretty Wheel: Ryan Blaney’s Patience Put to Another Test At Charlotte

2017 Kansas I CUP Ryan Blaney Barry Cantrell NKP

(Photo: Barry Cantrell/NKP)

Ryan Blaney spent Sunday evening behind the wheel of an iconic race car, trying to find Victory Lane in the No. 21 Wood Brothers Racing machine. Entering Charlotte with a fourth-place finish at Kansas Speedway and a win in the second stage of the Monster Energy Open, Blaney had started to turn around from three …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: Johnson’s All-Star Impact Came After the Checkered Flag

2017 Kansas I CUP Jimmie Johnson helmet Barry Cantrell NKP

(Photo: Barry Cantrell/NKP)

Usually, you take what a defeated racer says after the race with a grain of salt.  He’s hot, he’s tired, he’s frustrated.  Sour grapes abound on his vocal vine. But when the frustrated words come from a seven-time champion who rarely says a negative word about anyone, let alone the NASCAR hand that feeds him, …

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Even After Injury, Aric Almirola Has Reason to Smile

2017 Texas I CUP Aric Almirola Russell LaBounty NKP 1

(Photo: Russell LaBounty/NKP)

In NASCAR, two seconds is an eternity.  Two seconds behind the leader is a distant second place.  Two seconds is the difference between a good pit stop and a slow one.  Two seconds is plenty of time to avoid a crash. Two seconds is also the amount of time that can change everything. Aric Almirola …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: No Charlotte Fall Night Race? No Problem

2016 Charlotte All Star CUP Jimmie Johnson pack racing Nigel Kinrade NKP

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade / NKP)

NASCAR announced Thursday (April 20) that the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be moved from its original position as a night race Oct. 7 to the afternoon of Oct. 8. The move looks to help spruce up competition by making it a day race at a track traditionally super sensitive to temperature …

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Holding a Pretty Wheel: Room to Move

Goodyear Tires ready for NASCAR action. Photo: NKP

(Photo: Russell LaBounty/NKP)

As elusive as the printed form is, NASCAR has rules.  Sports in general have policies covering everything from how the game is played to how players dress for competition.  The rules put the competition on equal ground, at least to start. There are good teams and those who don’t perform as well, but they’re playing …

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