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Top 10 NASCAR Marriages I’d Like to See

10. Jeff and Robbi Gordon 9. Kasey and Lana Kahne 8. Ryan and Anita Newman 7. Tony and Martha Stewart 6. Mike and Paris Helton 5. Erin and Betty Crocker (only legal in California) 4. David and Nancy R(e)agan 3. Scott and Bobbi Riggs 2. Nancy and Re(a)gan Smith 1. Kyle and Anne Heiser-Busch (keeping …

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Voices From the Heartland: Time to Get the Manufacturers Out of NASCAR

Wow! That’s a pretty bold headline! But the time has come to be honest with ourselves. Time to call a spade a spade. Time to open your eyes and actually see what your eyes are looking at every week. Time to stop being a narrow-minded automotive bigot! Time to admit that it IS going to …

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BSNews! DEI Announces New Stable of Drivers for 2009… & Other Bits from the Newsroom Floor

(BSNews, Mooresville, N.C.) – In an effort to bring an Earnhardt back into the driver’s seat, it was announced today that 19-year-old Taylor Earnhardt will be racing full-time for DEI in the Cup series in 2009. Taylor is the daughter of the late Dale Earnhardt and Teresa Houston Earnhardt, who’s held the reigns at DEI …

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Top 10 Ways NASCAR Should Punish Montoya for Spinning Vyle Busch

Author’s note: Today’s Top 10 is a compilation written by myself AND a number of the fine, if sometimes just not quite right, members of our Frontstretch Forums family. Yes, this family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional!” 10. Two-lap penalty for “rough, but extremely funny and satisfying” driving. 9. With the whole “Mo” lawsuit going …

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Voices From the Heartland: DEI Fans Up in Arms Over Intended Humor

As many longtime readers know, and even short-time readers can (hopefully) easily figure out, I am responsible for Frontstretch’s weekly Top 10 list in addition to this commentary slot. Our Top 10 list, as you should have correctly surmised by now, is, of course, patterned after the ones made famous by David Letterman. But the …

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Voices From the Heartland: An Honest Assessment of NASCAR’s Discrimination Lawsuit

As much as Brian France would like to fuggiddaboutit, it is well known throughout the racing world that NASCAR is now facing a huge, multimillion dollar lawsuit claiming, among other things, sexual harassment and racial discrimination. The suit is being brought on by one Mauricia Grant, or “Mo” as she is more commonly called. “Mo” …

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Top 10 Ploys Used by NASCAR to Draw Attention Away From Its Discrimination Lawsuit

10. Make sure that NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver wins so the maximum number of people are happy. 9. Make sure Kyle Busch doesn’t win for exactly the same reason. 8. Send an expendable official out in front of Matt Kenseth’s car to create controversy and sympathy for all officials. 7. Allow the officials to unionize, …

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