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Mirror Driving: Attacking the Asterisk, Bubble Momentum & NASCAR on Wednesday?

David Reutimann commented after his win at Chicagoland that some people called his first career win in the 2009 Coca-Cola 600 “undeserved” because it was a rain-shortened race. Would you agree with that assessment, and should any win in the NASCAR record book ever come with that type of asterisk?

Voices From the Heartland: Have At It, Boys – NASCAR’s “Powder Puff” Fans Need to Find Something Else to Do

Remember back in the day when, as the late Douglas Adams so aptly put it, “Men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real, small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri?” It used to be that way in stock car racing, too! With that in mind, I have …

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Mirror Driving: 2011 Hall Candidates, Who Loses a Date & Respect, Baby

Sunday’s race was won with a bump and run from series champion Jimmie Johnson to Kurt Busch in a classic short track battle. But on Friday, Mark Martin and Jeff Burton both commented that lack of respect on the racetrack is becoming a huge problem in NASCAR, changing how the game is played in a bad way. Are they correct, or were the comments just leftover frustration from a wreck-filled race at Sonoma?

Voices From the Heartland: “Restart Circus” is the Drivers’ Fault… Not NASCAR’s

Recently, my esteemed Frontstretch colleague, Bryan Davis Keith, authored an article titled “NASCAR To Blame For This Year’s Restart Circus.” It was a very fine column… even if it was also very wrong! Bryan’s point is that the sport has created its own problems, manipulating and exacerbating the current mess of double-file restarts we’ve seen as …

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Mirror Driving: Historic Blunders, Road America Wonders & Bad Behavior

Marcos Ambrose lost the race on Sunday after shutting his motor off on the middle of an uphill straightaway, losing his track position under NASCAR’s rules. Was that the correct call, and where does this blunder rank in the sport’s all-time history?

Mirror Driving: Jacques Debris, Can Ford Bounce Back? & Peaking Too Soon

After Denny Hamlin called out NASCAR for throwing what seemed to be another invisible debris caution at Michigan in the closing laps, many have complained about the frequency of these late-race yellows. But others have defended the move, saying that the fans buying tickets deserve a good finish to the race. Who’s right?

Voices From the Cheap Seats: NASCAR Conspiracy Theory – Are the Helicopters Really Black?

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the world is full of them. Hell, it’s been almost 50 years now and we still are a country divided on whether there was someone on the grassy knoll! Some say, though not usually people you’d take home to meet your mother, that there was not even a grassy …

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