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Kenny Wallace Diary: Overachieving, Sponsor Search & Waiting on Rusty

Texas was a heart-felt race because we had such a great sponsor on the car. It was the Chloe Duyck Memorial Fund, which is for infant heart disease, to help babies that are born without a properly operating heart. So it was fun to drive that car because it had butterflies and hearts all over …

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Kenny Wallace Driver Diary: Goodbye 2009, Looking Ahead… & You Want To Do What With My Helmet?

The last couple of races of the year were quite unique from the standpoint that we were under a lot of pressure to finish in the top 20 in car owner points [with the No. 28 car] – we had a quarter million dollars on the line. Although we don’t compete for all the wins, we did have literally a quarter million dollars on the line.

Kenny Wallace Driver Diary: Making It Better On Track & the Time of Our Lives Off Track

Well, Atlanta marked one of the first races without my crew chief, Chris Rice. I went down there with an open mind and ready to go. We had a lot of problems. The car was bottoming out really badly. The car was hitting the left-side jack post, hitting the cross-member. We never did get going. …

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Kenny Wallace Driver Diary: Hometown Blues, Some Great Runs & Some Amazing Fans

We had a really rough time in Chicago. From the time we arrived there, all the way through practice, we’d just bottom out, destroying our car. That was very strange because we’re usually pretty successful at getting the car up off the ground. We just had a tough time there from the get-go. They dropped …

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Kenny Wallace Driver Diary: Bad Luck, Better Days & The Bahamas

Milwaukee was just incredibly disappointing. We had such a great racecar. We never qualify very well because we don’t put any effort into it. We’re locked in, sitting 19th in owner points, so we don’t put any effort into qualifying. It costs a lot of money to qualify because you have to put on new …

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