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Top 10 Victory Celebrations Other Drivers Can Do

Since Carl Edwards has already won two races this year, NASCAR fans have been treated to his celebratory backflip twice. While Carl’s backflip is arguably the most entertaining victory celebration in motorsports, other drivers have been looking for a post-victory schtick of their own. With this week’s top 10 list, Kurt Smith is here to help.

Happy Hour: Fontana Won’t Be The Last

It’s fairly easy and sometimes fun to fire both literary barrels at the governing body of NASCAR. Heaven knows they make easy targets of themselves. The brass makes weighty decisions that are often detrimental to the sport (although they are never penalized for it under 12-4-Q or whatever), and their “innovations” don’t often endear them to fans. I’ve been known to say more than once that I’d be willing to pay more for a race ticket to send Brian France on a permanent vacation to Bermuda or somewhere.

Happy Hour: Giving Kurt Busch His Due & Other Thoughts

I’m not certain how Kurt Busch has gotten such a bad rep. I’ve been trying to come up with reasons beyond the Jimmy Spencer feud that made the man so unpopular, and other than the pit road incident in Dover last year, which was a justifiable reason to upset people, I can’t think of anything. Even if Kurt was in the wrong in the Spencer incident(s), it’s not like Spencer was a respected icon known for being a great ambassador for the sport. Spencer was good enough as a driver to become a TV commentator on Speed. The King he wasn’t.

Happy Hour: Call it the Kyle Busch Rule

In an article at That’s Racin’ some time ago, Kyle was quoted as saying that “I think a lot of this might have to do with just the off-track stuff, the way – I don’t know if I brought it on, which is going to be the Kyle Busch rule again for others again, I’m sorry.” Most of us know what he means. Certainly his name enters the minds of many fans when NASCAR talks about ensuring that drivers reach a certain level of maturity before racing at the Cup level. Not because Kyle is immature necessarily, but that is the public perception of him.

Who’s the Champ, Who’s the Chump & Who’s in the Chase: 2008 Sprint Cup Predictions

Now that another new season is officially upon us, the time is here for our Frontstretch Staff to look like geniuses… or fools with our picks for who makes the Chase — and most importantly, who takes this year’s title. So, read on to find out who your favorite expert picked to bring home the hardware this season, along with who’s ready to cash their first unemployment check. And while Rookie of the Year might not count for much this year… we made a selection there, too.

Happy Hour: The Official Columnist of NASCAR

As the Official Columnist of NASCAR, it will be my responsibility (and privilege, of course) to provide both a reasoned and thoughtful assessment on most all things NASCAR–be it the races, the aftermaths or the controversial issues of the day. In doing so, I hope to provide a voice for the influential, and sometimes disgruntled, fan.

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