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Friday Faceoff: Which Top Driver Might Be Facing A Winless Season?

1. Once again, weather dominated the headlines this weekend. Do you think there’s anything more that NASCAR can do (tires, start times, scheduling) or is it just a case of “c’est la vie”? John Haverlin: There’s nothing more NASCAR can do. Start times and altering the schedule would be OK, but it …

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Friday Faceoff: Should NASCAR Be Constantly Tinkering Its Rules Packages?

1. Kyle Busch won the NASCAR XFINITY Series race at Pocono Raceway, but his car was deemed too high in post-race inspection. Should the fact that a violation was technically a disadvantage matter when penalties are issued? Vito Pugliese: Height violations and fines have been a story line since over 25 …

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Beside the Rising Tide: Brian France’s Spring Semester Science Fair Project

Say what you will about NASCAR’s 2018 Monster Energy All-Star Race but there’s no arguing it’s over. Or is it? If nothing else, we’ve gotten a glimpse of their new aero and restrictor plate package. It’s developed with an eye towards making racing on the intermediate tracks more palatable than …

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Friday Faceoff: Is a NASCAR Sale Good or Bad for the Sport?

It’s been reported that the France family is looking into selling NASCAR either completely or in part. Would this be a good or a bad thing for the sport? Michael Finley: It depends. This sport needs new leadership desperately, somebody who can come in with new ideas on how to develop …

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