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Beside the Rising Tide: For Want of a Hot Dog

2016 Martinsville I CUP overhead view Nigel Kinrade NKP

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade / NKP)

While I’m still knocking off the last of the rust and cobwebs after a long offseason, I’m slowly but surely I’m readjusting to the old grind. Part of the job involves a great many press releases that use a whole lot of words to say very little. I have to dig through bushels of chaff …

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Friday Faceoff: To Repave Atlanta or Not to Repave?

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(Photo: Barry Cantrell/NKP)

There has been talk regarding Atlanta Motor Speedway’s racing surface on whether to repave or not to repave. What do you think? Matt McLaughlin: I sure hope it won’t be repaved. The worn surface makes tire management crucial and introduces the chances to use contrary strategy to have a tortoise beat a hare. It’s a lot like …

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Beside the Rising Tide: First Among Equals

harv bowm

(Photo: Zach Catanzareti)

In what has to be considered at least a minor miracle, not only did NASCAR get Sunday’s Cup race in, it managed to sneak the entire event in at its scheduled length. That despite a weather forecast so dire that the animals at the Atlanta Zoo had begun lining up in pairs expecting the arrival …

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Beside the Rising Tide: That’s Just The Way it Is

2017 Daytona I NXS sunset Barry Cantrell NKP

(Photo: Barry Cantrell/NKP)

That’s just the way it is Some things will never change That’s just the way it is Ah, but don’t you believe them –Bruce Hornsby Just some ramblings, inconsequential and otherwise, in the wake of Sunday’s Daytona 500: It’s Just the Way It Is Some things in life just have to be endured because it …

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Friday Faceoff: What’s The Deal With NASCAR Ride Height Rules?

2016 Kansas II CUP Alex Bowman pack racing Russell LaBounty NKP

(Photo: Russell LaBounty/NKP)

Alex Bowman kicked off his tenure as the full-time driver of the No. 88 by putting his hot rod on the pole. But even with that, people are still referring to him as “Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s replacement.” What will Bowman need to do to get out of Earnhardt Jr.’s shadow? Davey Segal: Alex Bowman is …

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Beside the Rising Tide: Ch-Ch-Changes in NASCAR

2016 Phoenix I CUP Kyle BUsch pit stop Nigel Kinrade NKP

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade/NKP)

Speedweeks 2018 is upon us. A lot of NASCAR fans, even once ardent supporters, tend to take the offseason well, off, to celebrate the holidays and watch the NFL playoffs. (Look at that! Only one year in and I’m no longer typing “Chase” except for referring to the driver of the No. 9 car.) Daytona …

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Beside the Rising Tide: Post-Super Bowl NASCAR Tidbits

5ca99afd098b718579a1a324afe671a4 11

(Photo: Rusty Jarrett/NKP)

A Rose by Any Other Name Sometimes, it seems NASCAR is just setting themselves up to be ridiculed on purpose. They’ll announce something that leaves even their mouthpiece Kool-Aid junkies in the press muttering, “you’ve got to be ******* me.” Thus, with no little fanfare NASCAR announced the end of “encumbered” finishes and wins. What …

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Beside the Rising Tide: All the Young Dudes

2016 Kentucky CUP Chase Elliott Logan Whitton NKP

(Photo: Logan Whitton/NKP)

The season hasn’t even gotten started yet and already, Kyle Busch is feeling aggrieved and voicing his displeasure (doesn’t he know doing so is the sole province of the media?) As usual, the NASCAR Media Tour itself was largely lost in an avalanche of words and predictions concerning the upcoming Super Bowl. Living here in the …

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Beside The Rising Tide: Is It Still Over? Are We Still Through?

d97c28cb09acc0432b66c7fe0e1fb7f2 11

(Photo: John K Harrelson/NKP)

If you live in the northeast, you know the sound, especially if you live beneath a tin roof like I do in my humble abode. At first, it just sounds like rain drops, but there’s a peculiar metallic ting sound that can only mean one thing… ice pellets. A close look out the window reveals …

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Beside the Rising Tide: And In The End….

2017 Phoenix II CUP Matt Kenseth trophy Nigel Kinrade NKP

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade/NKP)

The circle of life continues. The weekend of the 2017 Daytona 500 was bitterly cold and windy in these parts. As NASCAR ran the penultimate races of this season, cold weather returned to the area with a vengeance, triggering a nasty cold / flu epidemic even in our remote little hamlet on the hill. Optimists …

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