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MPM2Nite: An Unforgettable Day With My Father

The 1973 Daytona 500 probably doesn’t top most fan lists as the greatest running of the real Great American Race. Its outcome was not decided by a last-lap wreck like the classic 1976 or 1979 events, nor did it feature two drivers nose-to-tail heading for the stripe, as in 1993 or 1996. But it is and always will be the most memorable running of the February classic in my book, because it was the first NASCAR event I attended.

My dad took me.

MPM2Nite: The Curious Case of Churlish Kyle

It’s a modern journalism phenomenon. The mainstream media seems to love elevating politicians, athletes, celebrities and would-be celebrities to prominence, then spend the next few years trying to chop them off at the knees. To a lesser extent, it’s the same with the racing media, yours truly included. We’re often not sure what it is, …

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MPM2Nite: The Next 5 Hall of Famers

The hullabaloo surrounding the opening of the new NASCAR Hall of Fame has reached a crescendo, or at least the highest level of noise the marketing types in Charlotte and Daytona Beach have been able to achieve. Let’s just say that said opening is a few notches beneath the general public’s radar screen, and it’s …

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MPM2Nite: The Merry, Merry, Month of May

Friends, gentle readers, editors, and detractors I ask you to indulge me for this week. You doubtless have tuned into this Matt-channel looking to read about NASCAR racing, or a topic even spherically related to stock cars. Well I’m sorry to disappoint ya’ll, but this week I’m going so far off the radar that Larry …

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MPM2Nite: Talladega… That’s Entertainment?

Is there anyone left out there who knows I don’t like plate racing? If there is, I don’t. Never cared for it. Never will. I’ll go to my grave considering plate racing dumbed-down competition for the least common denominator type of fans, those ghouls who really do watch races just for the wrecks. There are …

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MPM2Nite: Cult of Personality – The Hendrick Age of Political Correctness

Jack Roush hasn’t stopped by here at Eyesore Acres in awhile to chat over a few brews. To be honest, that has happened since precisely never. But my guess is the Cat in Hat is a pretty frustrated fellow right now, and his dogs are wearing flak jackets to protect against injuries when he gets …

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MPM 2Nite: 14 Weeks

Welcome back, gentle readers. After a brief vacation, I’m back in the saddle again. I hope you all had a spiritual and joyous Easter or Passover, as I did. What did I do? (For the benefit of those of you who care – and despite many of you that don’t give a damn – bear …

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