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MPM2Nite: The Season So Far

Four races deep into a 36-race season may be a bit premature to start drawing too many conclusions. Things could radically reverse themselves in the next four races. But already some trends are emerging this season and we’ve got some stuff to talk about here beside the rising tide. This column is also based on …

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MPM2Nite: Remember When?

Folks who’ve been reading (enduring?) my missives a long while know that I don’t frequently do columns that are autobiographical in nature. I figure you’re here at Frontstretch to read about racers and racing – not writers. But as I searched for something to write about this week, I was led in this direction by …

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MPM2Nite: The 10% Solution

I expected a bit more of a hullabaloo over NASCAR’s recent decision to cut race purses by 10% in all three top touring series this season. NASCAR officials stated in this era of declining ticket sales, and thus revenue, the track owners needed a break to return to profitability. Of course, NASCAR, the race officiating …

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2009: The Year That Wuz, Part II

I think Mark Martin has either retired, semi-retired or threatened to retire more times than Tommy Smothers. But this year, he was firmly committed to running a full season and even competing for that elusive championship at age 50. Martin did, in fact, win five races and made a valid and competitive drive for the title.

2009: The Year That Wuz, Part I

The ponderous, clanking, larger than life beast that was the 2009 NASCAR season finally stumbled across the finish line at Homestead, completing its nine month marathon. By that point, it was smoking badly, listing to port and shedding parts like a leper on a trampoline; but somehow it did complete the marathon. Some folks tuned …

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Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off: The Lights of Miami

Huddled together against the cold, their eyes scan the horizon for the lights of the Miami cityscape. It’s been a long and sometimes perilous journey they’ve endured, and it seems like it’s lasted forever across uncharted waters the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Dispirited and increasingly concerned, they keep looking for those bright …

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