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MPM2Nite: The Answer Man Rides to the Rescue… How to Fix NASCAR, Part I

Recently, there has been considerable consternation and hand-wringing in the plush corner offices of NASCAR’s Daytona Beach headquarters and ABC/ESPN’s corporate towers. Something has gone badly amiss. There are massive tracts of empty seats at even those race tracks that once had waiting lists of would-be ticket buyers. TV ratings, even for those in the …

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MPM2Nite: The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue & Prevention of Vice

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. That’s what they call them in Iraq. There are other names for them in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and other Mideast countries… but their jobs are all the same. Extremist clerics and their henchmen prowl the streets making sure decorum, their extreme and somewhat …

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MPM2Nite: Odds & Ends for the Off Weekend

I’ve got to admit, finding out this was an off-weekend for the Cup Series caught me by surprise. Traditionally this had been the second Pocono race weekend, but I guess it makes sense to separate the two Pocono dates by more than a month. Fans need a couple more paychecks to help pay for seats. …

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MPM2Nite: Waving the White Flag of Surrender… Before It’s Too Late

Every few months, Brian France feels it behooves him to address the state of the sport. Such press conferences tend to involve a lot of disinformation, misinformation, long words used incorrectly, and non-existent words being formed, as well as much waving of hands and bright red-faced zealotry comparable to a holy roller seeing the first …

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MPM2Nite: Cleaning Off My Desk – NASCAR Odds ‘N’ Ends

To the considerable delight of some and the consternation of others, I’m taking a couple weeks’ vacation. But the “In” box of my desk and my email address are so full to the bursting, I’m going to do this week’s Thursday column just in an attempt to play Hercules and clean out those Aegean Stables.

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