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Open Wheel Wednesday

Rookie Spotlight: Gabby Chaves Opens Up About His Successes, Struggles in First IndyCar Season

One of the first stars of the MAZDA Road to Indy, Gabby Chaves is in the midst of an impressive rookie campaign in the Verizon IndyCar Series.  Chaves, 22, earned a scholarship and a ride with Bryan Herta Autosport following a 2014 championship run in Indy Lights. In his first …

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Open Wheel Wednesday: Wrapping Up IndyCar’s Last Month

Toni Montgomery: Can we have a quick refresh–what races have they run since our last chat? Toronto and Texas.  Did we chat after Detroit last?  Wait–it was before Indy, wasn’t it? OK–that helps–got my bearings. Huston Ladner: I thought we hit upon Indy, but perhaps not.  I’d say go with …

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Open Wheel Wednesday: Checking in at Halfway

With the conclusion of the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit this past weekend, the IndyCar series has reached its season midpoint.  That’s right, the season is already half over, which is both surprising and not.  Consider that Formula 1 started a couple weeks prior to IndyCar and that they’re only one-third …

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Open Wheel Wednesday: Roundtable Discussion of the Goings-On at Indy

Matt Stallknecht: Can I just say how excited I am to be going to Indy this weekend?! Huston Ladner: I hope you’re going as a paramedic, looks like you might have work Toni Montgomery: I’d be excited though too Aaron Bearden: I’m happy for you! If things don’t get worked …

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Can IndyCar learn from Boxing’s Recent Success?

One day after the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Season started, I boldly professed that I would not criticize and/or overtly highlight IndyCar’s ever-present issue of declining popularity. I professed this in hopes that I and other IndyCar beat writers would focus on the positives of the sport instead of the negatives, …

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Open Wheel Wednesday: Fingers Crossed for the GP of Indianapolis

It’s May, which can mean only one thing.  Ha, whatever, it can mean lots of things.  Mother’s Day is just about upon us.  College graduations are set to unleash a new flood of graduates into the world. Music festivals.  Season finales for numerous TV shows.  Playoffs.  But for motorsports, the …

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