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Racing to the Point: One NASCAR Pastime Nearing Extinction

(Photo: CIA Stock Photo, Inc. Copyright 2014)

I say we cage Boris Said up, put him in a safe environment with plenty of hair care products and don’t let him out until Watkins Glen rolls around. You see, Said is an endangered animal, much like the black rhino and Hawksbill turtle, so we need to start dedicating our resources to preserving him. …

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Racing to the Point: Some Drivers Need to Stop Being So Nice

Credit: CIA

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is lucky he has friends. Two weeks in a row, a driver with Hendrick Motorsports horsepower eased off the throttle and allowed Earnhardt to catch up and clean his front grille by sucking up on their back bumper. The kindness of his competitors kept Earnhardt in the hunt in both races, instead …

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Racing to the Point: How Earnhardt, Kahne Traded Places at Hendrick

Remember when Dale Earnhardt, Jr. finished 25th in the Sprint Cup standings in 2009? It’s hard to believe considering the success he’s had lately, but it’s true. The next season didn’t go much better, with little progress, and the son of a legend ended up 21st. If his name wasn’t Earnhardt, he probably would’ve wound …

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Racing to the Point: What’s Up With Stewart-Haas’ Other Team?

If I mentioned a Stewart-Haas Racing driver with two top-20 finishes, sitting 28th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings, who would you guess it is? If you guessed Danica Patrick, you’d be wrong. After her run Saturday that was more surprising than the time Darrell Waltrip correctly identified a car on aFOX broadcast, Patrick has three top 20s …

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Racing to the Point: Ambrose, Mears Fight Decision Will Set Precedent

Generally, when fans think about NASCAR and fighting, they flash back to the Daytona brawl of 1979 — because nothing since has even come close to rivaling it. There are disagreements and shoves every time NASCAR visits a short track, but nothing all that memorable. Brad Keselowski was furious enough at Matt Kenseth on Saturday that he brake-jobbed Kenseth …

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Racing to the Point: NASCAR Has Its Own Heartbreak Kid

(Photo: NASCAR via Getty Images)

Ben Stiller is no longer the Heartbreak Kid. The role now belongs to 23-year-old Parker Kligerman. Kligerman didn’t marry a crazy woman after knowing her for six weeks, then fall in love with someone else on his honeymoon, nor did he act in a subpar comedy. His story is full of heartbreak, though, just the …

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Racing To The Point: Sliced Bread Ready To Be Served

There’s been a question mark hanging over Joey Logano’s head since the then-18-year-old filled Tony Stewart’s seat at Joe Gibbs Racing at the start of the 2009 season. The question was simple: could this driver who had developed more buzz than probably any talent that had come before him deliver at the highest level? For …

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Racing to the Point: Balancing NASCAR Trash Talk With Credibility

There’s nothing better than sticking a microphone in front of a wrecked driver just moments after he or she exits the car. The quicker the interview happens, the higher the likelihood somebody is going to say something they might later regret. Just ask Kurt Busch, who spent two years of his prime in obscurity with …

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