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Reel Racing: From the Track to the Silver Screen

Thanks to the Internet and, more specifically, the film website Letterboxd, I’ve seen almost 30 racing films in the past year. In this multi-article series, I’ll take a look at the under-appreciated world of racing films and the hidden gems that lie on streaming services and the Internet. Documentaries generally tend to be the best genre for these movies, but there are several narrative features that shine through as well.

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“Dale” A Film for Fans & Non-Fans Alike

Dale, a CMT Films/NASCAR Images joint, is a poignant, and surprisingly introspective, look at the life and career of Dale Earnhardt. And make no mistake, this is no 3. For all that ESPN does well (read: all-things-baseball, World Series of Poker, 25-straight hours of college football coverage) they can't produce a made-for-TV-movie any better than I can sit through Sense and Sensibility with the aforementioned female.

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Frontstretch Review: Back in the Day DVD, Season #1

Back in the Day is a look back at the only coverage available to the NASCAR fan in the late '60s and early '70s. Back then, the only show available for fans to watch was a half-an-hour program called Car and Track, hosted by Bud Lindemann. The show filmed NASCAR races, condensing them into the 30-minute format to give fans a tiny glimpse of the series if they weren't able to attend that weekend's event.

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