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Full Throttle: Voices from the Relocated Heartland

The offseason can be a dreadful time for the racing fan. Unless you like German touring cars, motocross or snowmobile racing, there has never been a fix for the racing fan during the cold of Winter. Sure there’s the Chili bowl and the Ice bowl. But those are isolated races. For the race fan that has a desire to see door to door racing on a nearly weekly basis, there has never been that kind of fix in the winter. Enter Arena racing.

Full Throttle: What A Charlotte Race Week Can Be Like

I decided to do something different and give all of you a firsthand glimpse into what a typical race week at Charlotte can be like. While fellow Frontstretchers Toni Heffelfinger and Tom Bowles covered the race at the track, I covered the week from a fan’s perspective and can offer you a great view of what went on.