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The Yellow Stripe: Shooting TV Ads With the NASCAR Stars – My Memories Behind the Scenes

Advertising is a fickle business at even the best of times. Long hours, low pay, huge stress and the odd co-worker who’d stab you in the back at the drop of a hat are just some of the daily occupational hazards. Believe me when I say it’s not all martinis at lunchtime on Madison Avenue …

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The Yellow Stripe: 7 Golden Rules for a Rookie NASCAR Columnist

The NASCAR season is an unrelenting, unremitting grind. It doesn’t matter who you are – whether you’re a driver, complete with your private planes and entourage of “handlers,” – or you’re a pit crew, one that travels countless thousands of miles and spend weeks and months on the road away from their family, friends and …

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The Yellow Stripe: They Come in All Shapes & Sizes – Ranking the Types of NASCAR Tracks Across America

“If God had made us all the same, life would have been boring, Daniel.” So said my dearly departed Grandfather, the legend that was William Peters. And the old boy was right; he usually was, to be fair. And if it’s true about people, it’s certainly true about sport and NASCAR, in particular. Can you …

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The Yellow Stripe: 8 Thoughts After 8 NASCAR Races in 2008

Technically speaking, we’ll be at the quarter pole mark following the conclusion of the rollercoaster ride at Talladega this Sunday; but, with a brief pause in the relentless slog that is the Sprint Cup schedule, it’s a good time to put out eight thoughts and questions with eight races of the 2008 season in the …

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The Yellow Stripe: Should NASCAR Race Outside the U.S.?

The first commercial produced by Nextel to mark their arrival into NASCAR at the beginning of the 2004 season was a one minute long spot called “Anthem” featuring a rousing soundtrack and clips of racing action from the early days of racing on Daytona Beach right through to the then-present day. The ad was Nextel’s …

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The Yellow Stripe: Is It Already Bust Rather Than Chase for Juan Pablo Montoya?

Each week, NASCAR.com runs a short article on Juan Pablo Montoya. Entitled “Where’s Juan?” it’s a gentle look at what’s going on in the world of the Bogota, Colombia native. But where, exactly, is Juan these days? After Sunday’s 19th-place finish, two laps down, it’s not a bad question – because for most of this …

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The Yellow Stripe: How Much Will Be Enough for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Last year, ahead of the spring race at Martinsville, Dale Earnhardt Jr. expressed frustration at the sheer dominance of Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon on the smallest track the Sprint Cup circuit has to offer. On Sunday, the No. 88 finished behind the Nos. 24 and 48 once again; but while the frustrations remained, the …

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The Yellow Stripe: Is Denny Hamlin Suffering a Junior Jinx?

In every episode of the hit Bravo TV show Project Runway, the delectable German supermodel Heidi Klum makes the solemn proclamation that, “In fashion, one day you’re in. The next you’re out.” Now, I realize you’re probably wondering if you clicked onto the wrong website, or if the esteemed editors of Frontstretch are playing some …

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The Yellow Stripe: Kevin Harvick, Your 2008 Sprint Cup Champ? Here’s 5 Reasons Why It Could Happen

When Kevin Harvick graduated from kindergarten, his parents bought him a go-kart. Little did they realize at the time what a prophetic present they were giving their son. By age 10, so the story goes, Harvick had listed taking part in both the Indy 500 and the Winston Cup Series as career goals in a …

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