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NASCAR Easter Eggs: A Few Off-Week Nuggets to Chew On

Knockout Qualifying Moved from FS2 & FS1 to FOX: For Talladega, at least. While many fans do not have access to FOX Sports 2 (thereby negating the change to the qualifying format), the new knockout qualifying format has been delivering double-digit ratings increases every weekend so far. While FOX has been airing the sessions five to …

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Voice of Vito: Win And In? Five Drivers Who Can Call Their Shot

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article stating there was no way there would be more than 16 winners by the time we got to the Chase, and that points still mattered, along with consistent finishes. With Joey Logano’s win at Texas on Monday (that I predicted three weeks ago over …

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Voice of Vito: Three Drivers That NASCAR Need Not Silence

NASCAR has long been home to a range of varied personalities. From the quiet to the quarrelsome, the range of emotions and cast of characters has served to establish the fabric of the sport. That said, this past weekend painted a perfect picture of who the Sprint Cup Series should focus …

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Voice of Vito: Going For Broke A Recipe For Disaster?

Ever since NASCAR made an announcement, changing the new Chase rules for 2014, there has been a common thread to the comments made regarding team performance: Win and you’re in! You can take chances every week! Once you win, the R&D begins, and teams will get more aggressive! To quote …

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Voice of Vito: Daytona Dilemma, Flagship Ford, And Points Paradox

Primetime vs. Sunshine Following the excitement and frenzy of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s Daytona 500 win Sunday, the chorus of cries began to run towards putting NASCAR’s marquee event in primetime. “It’s more exciting! It’s under the lights! It’s just like football!” It’s a horrible idea. We’ve dabbled with late start …

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