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Voice of Vito: Kyle Busch – There’s Nothing More Dangerous Than a Man With Nothing Left To Lose

While Kyle Busch's public statements aren't exactly as outlandish as, say, Tony Stewart accusing his teammate of backing into him at 200 mph, they do give one pause for reflection: What the heck is up with this kid? It doesn't appear he's trying to make the best of a difficult situation, wooing a sponsor, or attempting to audition for his next ride. He looks like a guy trying to get canned from his job instead of quitting, just so he can collect unemployment.

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Voice of Vito: Green & 13 Unlucky as Ever for Ginn Racing

At Daytona in February, Mark Martin made his debut for Ginn Racing by winning the Daytona 500... but losing the Daytona 505 by little more than one foot. Many argue that he got worked out of it by NASCAR's controversial decision to not throw the yellow flag for a crash off turn 4 until after the checkered flew. Not one to dwell on the past, Martin took the momentum from that run and put it to work, reeling off a series of impressive runs in what used to be Joe Nemechek's car. Nemechek was now driving the No. 13, a team that was hastily assembled following Martin's arrival to expand Ginn Racing into a three-car arsenal for 2007. It was a move that should have led to on-track success... if only there were the money to fund it.

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Voice of Vito: What’s in a Suspension?

it was widely reported all weekend long that even though Knaus and Letarte were indeed suspended, they were still at the track in some capacity. NASCAR reasoned that while they cannot be physically with their team, they are still permitted on certain track property and can remain eligible to pursue certain types of communication with their organization (namely, cell phones, IM, etc.). All this got me to thinking: what the heck is in a suspension, anyway?

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Voice of Vito: All That’s Missing Are Some Turnbuckles

What a reversal of fortunes for NASCAR the last couple of weeks. Daytona started off with controversy: those who broke the rules were dealt with an iron fist; punishments came out early and often for rules violations, consequences that were more severe than they've been in several years. Four crew chiefs were sent home for, of all things, creative use of duct tape, circumventing a rule that doesn't even exist. Another was sent home for the use of a substance in the fuel system that was to be disclosed later that week. We still don't know what it was, but this much is for sure... NASCAR is making it seem like they saved the world with their shocking discovery of another rule breaker.

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Voice of Vito: Salute To You III… IV… Anyone For V?

Rocky Balboa. The Terminator. The Dismembered Knight from Monte Python. The paperboy from "Better Off Dead" that wants his $2.00. Mark Martin. All five keep getting up and coming back for more punishment. It had seemed that following the fall announcement in 2004 that Mark Martin would be done competing in the Nextel Cup series at the end of 2005, that we had perhaps seen the last of the steely-eyed competitor with his trademark buzz cut, wrinkles, and ready-to-explode temporal vein. Looking more like Clint Eastwood in "Heartbreak Ridge" than the current crop of "Teen-Beat" fresh-faced drivers, Martin along with friend and longtime competitor Rusty Wallace seemed to be heading off into the sunset together, even receiving rocking chairs at one point during their "farewell" tours in 2005.

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