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What’s Vexing Vito

What’s Vexing Vito: Yay! The Season Is Over! I’m Devastated

I’m conflicted. The 2008 NASCAR season is finally over. “Finally” for me has a few different meanings. Mainly, it has been a hectic and exhausting year, balancing working and writing while trying to maintain some semblance of a semi-normal social life. Secondly, because this has been, after 26 years of watching this sport, the most painfully long season I can remember. I feel that there were more lows than highs unfortunately, but then again, such is the sad state of affairs we find our self in at this point in history. I am also taken aback by some of the irony – or coincidence – whatever label you wish to apply to it, that I have seen this year in NASCAR.

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What’s Vexing Vito: Manufacturer Involvement In NASCAR – Hanging On By A Thread

Should Brian France ever relinquish his title of Grand Poobah of NASCAR, he would probably have a successful career as a modern day politician. He has managed the delicate task of alienating both the base – the core NASCAR fan who had been tuning in since Brett Bodine was behind the wheel of Kenny Bernstein’s Buick and not the pace car – as well as putting off and confusing potential new fans and supporters--the casual fan who flips back and forth between whatever NFL games are on to watch the last few laps of a stock car race. Having already successfully moved past an incident (allegedly) involving drinking and driving, he has been politicking heavily the last few months, reminding everyone why the Chase was such a brilliant concept and why it is such a good idea. Mainly because it was his.

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What’s Vexing Vito: Politics, Religion, and NASCAR — Why Can’t Drivers Endorse Their Candidate?

Every four years, the world turns its attention to one of the greatest spectacles to be witnessed by man, a contest that is seen by some as the sporting equivalent to The Running of The Bulls in Pamplona. For ages, it has tested the best and brightest while capturing the imagination of the planet. It's a grueling test of intestinal fortitude, physical endurance, abject scrutiny, tireless preparation, and the excellence of execution. All of this culminates in what Jim McKay once deemed "the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat." I am, of course, referring to American politics and the race for the White House.

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What’s Vexing Vito: Can Richmond Reignite The Spark So Many Fans Have Lost?

This weekend marks the 26th race of the 2008 Sprint Cup season, and the final race before the fifth annual Championship Chase begins. With David Ragan and Kasey Kahne getting set to make a last-ditch effort to get into title contention, Clint Bowyer and Denny Hamlin are among a few men walking on egg shells, a tightrope, and over the abyss at the .750-mile short track in Henrico County, Va. Saturday night. Why, then, am I so completely underwhelmed with apathy matched only by a sustaining member of the Green Party?

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