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Remembering A NASCAR Legend: Tim Richmond (Part II)

Tim Richmond was back with the Blue Max team for 1985, though there had been some friction within the team. A lot of people in the know were saying Tim was a better driver than the equipment he had allowed him to show, while others were beginning to question his commitment and asking if his hard charging lifestyle off the track was detracting from his ability to drive the car. Still the 1985 season began with high hopes, though almost from the drop of the first green flag those hopes were dashed. No one had anything for Bill Elliott that year at the Daytona 500, and Tim crashed out of the event early winding up 35th. It was just that sort of year.

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Remembering A NASCAR Legend: Tim Richmond (Part I)

It's been over a decade now since Tim Richmond last competed in a Winston Cup race. There's little mention of him in NASCAR's official literature, and if you're a new race fan, sadly, you may never even have heard his name. But for those of us privileged enough to have watched Tim Richmond drive a race car, during that all too ephemeral time that marked the peak of his career, there is no forgetting the magic. The tragic circumstances of a young man's passing, and the way NASCAR officialdom dealt with it, is the subject for another article. Instead, my purpose here is not to mourn Tim's passing, but to celebrate his life and talent. For if there ever was a "natural" at driving a race car, it was Tim Richmond. Lap after lap, fans watched in wonder as he hit the same mark time after time - but when it came time to get around another driver, it was like the laws of physics themselves stepped aside a few moments, content to be suspended and watch in wide-eyed wonder at what Tim could do in a race car, driving the line everyone else thought was impossible. And it was impossible, for everyone else.

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