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Driver vs. Driver Classic Matchups: Dale Earnhardt vs. Jeff Gordon

NASCAR’s last great rivalry couldn’t have been between two more different drivers. In one corner, there was Dale Earnhardt, the blue-collar Intimidator, who was flirting with Richard Petty’s all-time mark of seven championships in the early and mid-1990s. In the other, Wonderboy: Jeff Gordon, the polished and groomed youngster from …

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Fuel For Thought – Making The Case For Fuel Injection In NASCAR

Progress and change. Both are touchy subjects, and more often than not have no bearing or influence on the other. One can fly in the face of tradition while the other may support and reinforce it. I’ll spare you the political diatribe (for now) however, and cut to the chase where in NASCAR, the opportunity to make some gains may be on the horizon. While many oppose the thought of abandoning the iconic Holley four-barrel carburetor for computer controlled fuel injection, I think it is a change worth exploring for a number of reasons.

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