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Best Of Mirror Driving: Lions, Tigers & Tony Stewart

With the offseason in full swing, Mirror Driving is off this week. Look for a brand new edition to come out next week before the holidays! In its place, we bring you this classic Mirror Driving column from July… a solid reminder of how some problems remain unsolved long after the season fades away.

That’s History: Biggest Fish in the Pond

In 1973, a brash, outspoken rookie named Darrell Waltrip burst onto the NASCAR scene, making an impact with both his brash words (which earned Waltrip the nickname “Jaws”) and his daring on the racetrack. Even as a rookie, Waltrip was vocally confident that he would someday be a NASCAR champion. He was right – he …

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Scanner Static: Is Kevin Harvick Bound for Glory in 2006?

Q: Looks like Kevin Harvick is on his way to a championship, and I couldn’t be happier about that. It’s sad that most of Dale Earnhardt’s fans became Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans instead of Harvick fans because they went with the name and missed the real driver. I’m happy for Richard Childress… but I’m even happier for Harvick and for Dale’s legacy with that team. Once he wins the championship, I think Richard should go ahead and run that car as the No. 3 next year. Harvick will deserve it, since he’s the closest thing to Dale we’ve got left.